The TouchPoint™ Solution was founded in 2015 by Neuropsychologist Dr. Amy Serin and executive child advocate Vicki Mayo. Over the last decade, Dr. Amy Serin’s work in therapy and neuroscience led to the discovery that a component of PTSD treatment could be used as a stand-alone product for a range of individuals whose stress hamper performance, relaxation, and their ability to cope with sensory stimuli. Dr. Serin used quantitative electroencephalogram data, existing neuroscientific research, and archival data to quantify significant brain changes after just seconds of use. She soon recognized that this method was too powerful to be limited to use strictly through doctors' offices. Its effectiveness offered the opportunity to help many and so she partnered with long-time friend entrepreneur, Vicki Mayo, to bring TouchPoints™ to the world. Our goal is to bring relief to millions of people who suffer from stress and by offering neuroscience lifestyle wearables called TouchPoints™. TouchPoints™ officially launched to the public in December 2016 and in less than six weeks sold over $500,000.

"This is something everyone's not just a product. It's a fundamental change in how we treat stress. It's so life-changing." - Business Gazette

TouchPoints™ are non-invasive, neuroscience wearables that use patent-pending BLAST™ technology (bilateral alternating stimulation-tactile) to relieve stress, anxiety, and focus issues enhancing performance and sleep. The alternating vibrations are designed to override the body’s Fight, Flight or Freeze (F3) response to stress and restore homeostatic nervous system functioning allowing the user to think clearly and experience calmness. TouchPoints™ are designed to improve self-regulation and have been shown to reduce stress by 71% in just 30 seconds.

Our vision is the Creation of a more healthy, peaceful, and productive world through a fundamental shift in the way people understand and handle their stress response.

We are deeply committed to giving back. It is our co-founders' mission to create a more healthy, peaceful, and productive world through a fundamental shift in the way people understand and handle their stress response by making BLAST technology accessible for everyone. From our base business model of giving away one set of TouchPoints™ for every two we sell, to our commitment to local vendors for manufacturing and assembly: TouchPoint™ above all else values people.

We are committed to making TouchPoints™ accessible to those in need and have a scholarship program, awarding over $60,000 in product during the first three months of our launch. Our founders are committed to ethical principles and moving forward with purpose and passion.

"They definitely put a smile on his face & ours! "Thank You" does not suffice....we are so very grateful. These [TouchPoints] came at a time where we, honestly, have felt like we had just been dumped into a black hole... Autism?? We are just barely scratching the surface with knowledge & our family's new "normal." Thank you for doing this!!!" - Diana Brassfield

Press coverage
""The goal was to raise $15,000, and they've already raised more than $75,000 from more than 500 backers.""
TouchPoints Tops 400% on Indiegogo Goal
Phoenix Business Journal - June 23, 2017
"This is Something Everyone Needs...its not just a product. It's a fundamental change in how we treat stress. It's so life-changing."
Scottsdale entrepreneurs place stress relief in the palm of your hand
The Arizona Republic - May 24, 2017
"It's a battle many people face in their everyday life: stress."
New device could change treatments on PTSD and other conditions
Fox 10 News Phoenix - February 02, 2017
"Now we're giving consumers a chance to really experience stress relief on a global scale."
Buzzies hit the market, help with autism, anxiety, sleep
ABC 15 Arizona - December 13, 2016
Top 25 Semifinalists Spring 2017 Arizona Innovation Challenge
Project Entrepreneur 2017 Live Pitch Competition Winner
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"Medications have side effects. I was looking for non-medicine, non-traditional solutions to manage the stress and anxiety that comes from life. I use it as a reinforcement in how I manage the day-to-day business and my job. I use it at home. It’s helpful in setting a clear work-life balance. It’s my way of decompressing and eliminates the need for a drink or a walk. It allows you to be in the moment with your family, kids and spouse. "
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I wore them prior to my dress rehearsal and final talk at TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield NY 2017. Typically, my heart races so that my hands shake during talks. The TouchPoints really did calm me down! They made a noticeable difference in my heart rate and no shaking. I am so glad that I bought them."
Camilla Olson, Savitude
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"My son just started using them. He is 24. Tonight he was in a panic over a speech he needed to write. Normally, that would be it...he would shut down and go to bed...drop the class. (he is in college). Put the [TouchPoints] on the calm setting for about 15 to 20 minutes and is now working hard on his speech. Panic attack gone. It has also helped him focus for long periods of time on difficult assignments."
Kathy McKinley Lacina
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"We bought this for my 14-year-old son who suffers from severe anxiety and nightly panic attacks. He has been using them for 6 days now on the calm setting and for 6 days now he has not had a panic attack and we have had uninterrupted sleep."