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Posted by Vicki Mayo on

Hi! My son with autism says he thinks they help him. He wears them during long drive to school in morning on"calm" and he does "sleep" mode before bed. He told me he sleeps better than ever now. And falls right to sleep. One night I forgot and it was late and told him never mind and he made me get them because he said they help so much


4 year old holding the Buzzies. :)



Patricia was able to give it a try before school, she showed them to her Occupational Therapist (who is very interested), and then continued to use them throughout the day and into the evening with school work... a time that causes her so much stress. She was more calm and focused then we have seen for a LONG time. Today we had Ethan and Patricia start the morning with them... and then use them when we had to transition them from free time to chores (a sure fire time to throw a fit), but everything went smoothly!!! We have high hopes! We can't wait to explore more and see how to make them work best for our family!!! We pray that others are having similar results!!!




Seeing the Changes Already! Thanks Buzzies!!


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  • @Kashmir Thanks for your question! It is our goal to make Buzzies accessible to everyone. We do offer a financial based Scholarship program, just go to Please make your application as complete as possible. Let us know if we can be of any assistance! Have a great day! :)

    The TouchPoint Team on
  • How can I get a free one. So I can try first to see if it really works for me.

    KAshmir on
  • @Julie. Buzzies are available in the UK! You can order off our website at Thank you for your comment!

    The TouchPoint Solution on
  • Are the buzzes available in the UK yet? Amazon has none. I think they might help our 20 year old son, who has autism, with constant intrusive thoughts.

    Julie Ross on
  • Can I purchase these in a store instead of online? Do you accept Medicaid insurance?

    Judy on

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