TouchPoint Scholarship Recipient: Rebecca

Posted by Margaret Staniforth on

Rebecca received TouchPoints for her adult son, Donovan. Donovan has autism and ADHD and is using TouchPoints to help him move into the next phase of life.


"One of Donovan's biggest challenges is being over-over excited and stressed to the point of having melt downs. He is at a pivotal point in his life if he will have to stay with a day program or be able to advance and hold a job with help. He is a sweet boy and tries so hard every day. I have followed your product development over the last year hoping to buy some for him when they became available but unfortunately I can not afford the price. If [TouchPoints] can help Donovan manage his stress it may make all the difference in the world for his future."

Autism Moms/Families Scholarship

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  • Please let me know how I can get a scholarship for my daughter, she is really in need and we are low-incolento my own health/disability.
    Please let me know the process. She has already had to miss half the year of school last year, and we don’t know what else to do. I know this would help Savvy get back to her SAVVY self!!
    Jenna Baird
    (I can’t get FB messenger messages only txt thru my cell phone or thru email address)

    Jenna Baird on

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