We toss around the word healthy a lot, but do we really know what that means? Many of us engage in healthy habits and behaviors but what does being “healthy” really mean? 

Being healthy doesn’t just mean eating healthy and exercising, but it means to take an overall holistic look at health to ensure we are addressing all 6 dimensions of a healthy life. Ensuring a balanced life means focusing on the well-known aspects of sleep, nutrition, and exercise as well as making time for mindfulness, healthy thinking, and healthy relationships.
Every person has a unique stress profile whereby stress manifests for them in a unique way. To find out what your Personalized Stress Profiles is you can take our free short test here.

At the very core of health is sleep. Our bodies require a restful night’s sleep not only to repair the body physically and refresh the body; but even more importantly, the body needs sleep time in order to sift through and file memories from the day to repair mentally.  

In order to adequately fuel the body and allow it to restore itself, we must fuel it properly. Elimination of processed foods and sugar and movement towards a whole food diet ensures success. Not only does the body thrive on a well-balanced diet, but so does the mind.

Our bodies were made to move. Too much stagnation due to sitting at the computer or on the couch affects our ability to be healthy. Get up and move! Even taking a lap around the house once an hour will have huge benefits.

Our lives are full of relationships; from our significant others to our children to friends and our parents. Even the most introverted among us have some level of human interaction. The ability to create and sustain relationships is a key element of being healthy. The words we use, the way in which we make facial gestures, and our tone of voice all have meaning. Learning to know ourselves and then in turn how we interact with others is a critical part of developing healthy relationships. 

How can we ensure we are being positive throughout the day? Our mental state drives our success. When facing difficult tasks or moments, it is easy to get sucked into the mental trap that you or what you’re doing is not good enough. Learning to integrate healthy thinking and affirmations into your day can balance your overall health. 

Stress and anxiety are derived from the Fight or Flight (Sympathetic nervous system) part of the brain. The best way to combat this response is to train your natural response to use the logical and rational part (Parasympathetic nervous system) of the brain instead. This can be done by practicing meditation, deep breathing, and other forms of mindfulness.

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