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December 22, 2016 8 Comments

Hi! My son with autism says he thinks they help him. He wears them during long drive to school in morning on"calm" and he does "sleep" mode before bed. He told me he sleeps better than ever now. And falls right to sleep. One night I forgot and it was late and told him never mind and he made me get them because he said they help so much


4 year old holding the TouchPoints. :)



Patricia was able to give it a try before school, she showed them to her Occupational Therapist (who is very interested), and then continued to use them throughout the day and into the evening with school work... a time that causes her so much stress. She was more calm and focused then we have seen for a LONG time. Today we had Ethan and Patricia start the morning with them... and then use them when we had to transition them from free time to chores (a sure fire time to throw a fit), but everything went smoothly!!! We have high hopes! We can't wait to explore more and see how to make them work best for our family!!! We pray that others are having similar results!!!




Seeing the Changes Already! Thanks TouchPoints!!

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W Gibson
W Gibson

June 20, 2017

Thank you for giving me my wonderful husband back! He was deployed 9 years ago and returned a very different man. Angry. Impatient. Depressed. Argumentative. Trouble sleeping. Diagnosed with PTSD. He’s gone through short periods when is has improved, but it has been a roller coaster ride. He’s tried getting help through counselling and medication, but no improvement lasted long. Enter Touchpoints. He was skeptical and worried that I had wasted our money purchasing them. I convinced him to try the sleep setting and the first night he slept better than he had in years! He then was motivated to try them while working at home. The Touchpoints helped him stay calm & focus when he’d struggled to do so consistently before. We are now three months out from the purchase. My sweet, gentle, kind husband has returned. He’s used them almost daily since then and I have no doubt that he has built new neuropathways which has helped him cope with the daily stresses that he encounters. He feels a million times better and is now equipped to deal with difficult situations with hope. I’m so grateful to Touchpoint Solution for making these available. I’m not sure my husband would have ever truly returned from his deployment had it not been for your devices. Thanks again!

The TouchPoint  Team
The TouchPoint Team

February 08, 2017

@Kashmir Thanks for your question! It is our goal to make Buzzies accessible to everyone. We do offer a financial based Scholarship program, just go to Please make your application as complete as possible. Let us know if we can be of any assistance! Have a great day! :)


February 03, 2017

How can I get a free one. So I can try first to see if it really works for me.

The TouchPoint Solution
The TouchPoint Solution

January 31, 2017

@Julie. Buzzies are available in the UK! You can order off our website at Thank you for your comment!

Julie Ross
Julie Ross

January 29, 2017

Are the buzzes available in the UK yet? Amazon has none. I think they might help our 20 year old son, who has autism, with constant intrusive thoughts.


December 29, 2016

Can I purchase these in a store instead of online? Do you accept Medicaid insurance?

Marilyn Manwaring
Marilyn Manwaring

December 25, 2016

I would like to leave a testimonial about what I have observed thus far (3 days) with the Buzzies…

First of all, I so appreciate the caring and kindness of this organization. The Buzzies were rushed to me very quickly after I told my story about my granddaughter’s need for them ASAP. Their customer service was above and beyond ALL expectations.

1) The straps were just too convoluted for a child to use. The springs were constantly popping out of the black plastic holders every time she pushed them up on her arm or took them off to charge. So after half a day of frustration, we found a watch shop where we showed them the Buzzies and were outfitted with stretchy straps that still buckle(in hot pink since the new user is an 8 year old girl) that are easy to put on and take off. The mesh straps were very high quality – don’t get me wrong- but just too much for a child to handle.

2)Even though they were fully charged, the first day we had issues with just one working or connecting and the other seemed to be malfunctioning. It has been two days since then and that problem has not reoccurred. We will keep watching, however. We marked the one that seemed to be “off” and will see if it happens again.

PROS: I really believe they work. I used them myself until today (Christmas) when I presented them to my granddaughter.

1)I know they worked for putting me to sleep. I had rotator cuff surgery 10 weeks ago and have not slept for more than an hour in length since the surgery due to pain and suffering. (I wear a Fitbit that tracks my 1) sleep, 2)restlessness and 3)awake time) For the last 10 weeks, it generally took an 60 minutes to 100 minutes to fall asleep. The first night, I used the sleep preset and thought I’d leave it on for 15 minutes and then turn them off and try to sleep. At the 7 minute mark, I was done with them and thought I might sleep. I fell asleep in 3 minutes and slept for almost two straight hours before getting restless. This pattern repeated two more nights; I would think I was going to keep them buzzing for 10 minutes, but at 7 minutes, my mind told me I was “done” and I’d remove them and fall asleep in literally 2 minutes. The last two nights I slept without any restlessness for 3 solid hours. This is huge after 10 weeks of constantly waking before even an hour of sleep.

2)Stress: Last minute Christmas shopping and waiting in a car during traffic jams (I live in the Phoenix area) is very stressful. I would catch myself getting anxious and turn the Buzzies onto the “calm” preset. After just a few minutes, my mind would reset and I would decide it really didn’t matter if someone cut me off in traffic or my line at the grocery store was the slowest in the entire store. The coolest thing is that after three days, now when I find myself starting to get stressed over little things, I recognize that feeling and tell my brain to reset to the way it felt when I had the Buzzies on. It actually works…I can capture that feeling I experience when I’m wearing them.

At any rate – thank you so much for the opportunity to purchase these Buzzies. I actually wish to purchase a second pair for my 14 year old grandson that has had sleep issues since he was tiny. We’ve tried melatonin, hot showers, white noise, etc. but he just suffers with insomnia. I was wondering if it was possible to purchase just the Buzzies without the straps and if that would give us a price break? Any information would be appreciated.

Sincerely – a happy customer and user….

Shirley Tyler
Shirley Tyler

December 22, 2016

I read that you can apply for a free one. How can I do that for a friend on disability ?

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