Win more than $300 of products to thrive postpartum

Win more than $300 of products to thrive postpartum

Win more than $300 of products to thrive postpartum

What do a nutritional support company and a wearable device designed to reduce stress have in common? Well, they want you to have a healthy, stress-free experience as a new mother.

Love Majka and TouchPoint Solution have teamed up this month to give you the chance to win TouchPoints’ most popular stress-reducing device called “TouchPoints for Calm” and wholesome nutrition and nourishing lactation support products. Join our giveaway here for a chance to win this bundle, worth over $300 in value!

What is Love Majka?

Majka is a company created by moms for moms. It was born out of its co-founders challenging experiences as exhausted, depleted and overwhelmed new mothers. Lorena Garcia and Majo Mansour suffered from low milk supply and nutrition depletion which led to feelings of stress and guilt, and barely enough energy to keep up with the growing demands of early motherhood. This inspired them to create Majka for supporting moms in their fourth trimester and beyond with simple, clean and effective nourishing lactation and wholesome nutrition products, and empowering them with the right information to thrive in their motherhood journey.

How do TouchPoints work to reduce stress?

TouchPoints are twin neuroscientific wearables that are worn on either side of the body preventatively or on-the-spot for 15 minutes before, during or after a stressful situation. Using gentle, haptic micro-vibrations called BLAST (bilateral alternating stimulation tactile), TouchPoints give the user a gentle vibration that affects the brain and alters the body's fight, flight or freeze response to restore calm nervous system functioning. Having the ability to think rationally without an associated body sensation helps the brain create new neural pathways that are net positive, and this has a lasting effect on your brain. Now the next time you think of that same stressful situation, it doesn’t feel so bad! Everyone can benefit from using TouchPoints because everyone at some point or another has had to deal with stress! From busy moms managing their to-do list to hyperactive children, new neuroscience and technology have given us the opportunity to treat stress in an entirely new way.

How can Love Majka and TouchPoints help fuel your motherhood journey?

These companies have a few things in common. The big one is that they want your life as a new mother to be as enjoyable and stress-free as possible:

  • Love Majka believes you should nourish your body to thrive postpartum. Rest easy knowing that you’re taking care of yourself with Majka products. Their lactation powder is an ultra-nourishing blend of bioavailable vitamins, minerals, protein, greens, phytonutrients, and herbs formulated to fight postnatal depletion, while supporting and nourishing milk supply. Majka’s lactation booster are known to be the best lactation supplement for breastfeeding mothers, increasing milk supply, improving milk quality and providing strong antioxidants shown to prevent swollen breast tissue and clogged ducts. Not to mention their lactation bites are the perfect snack for busy new moms. They’re milk boosting, nutrient-dense and convenient.
  • Many new moms find themselves drowning in stress. Their daily function is inhibited as it causes a lack of focus, poor sleep, unhealthy eating habits and so much more. Traditional methods of stress management require time out of your daily activities as a new mom. TouchPoints, neuroscientific wearables, help reduce stress and anxiety in as few as 30 seconds.

Join our giveaway for a chance to try these products – more than $300 value – and make your motherhood journey healthy and stress-free.

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