The Buzzies App works Seamlessly with your Buzzies Devices to give you, the user, the ultimate control over your experience.

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Buzzies Quickstart Guide

Ensure your Buzzies are charged. Download the Buzzies app from either the Apple or Google Play store. Open the app and follow instructions to pair your Buzzies. Once paired, Buzzies will prompt you to do the #BuzziesChallenge which will demonstrate how Buzzies work.

Place one Buzzie on each wrist and secure the wristbands or remove the vibrating units from the wristbands and place one in each pocket, one in each sock, or one in each hand. For Buzzies to work, one must be on the right side of the body and one must be on the left.   Buzzies do not need to be touching the skin. After Buzzies are in place, turn on the app and follow the instructions.   Buzzies can be used in a short duration to calm stress, or they may be left on for longer periods of time.

Buzzies Setup FAQs

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There are two primary methods to follow when using Buzzies:

Preventatively- Use the Buzzies on a custom setting or some of the presettings in the morning or night for 15 minutes.

Before, During, and After a Stressful Event- Choose either a custom setting or a presetting and turn the Buzzies on before a stressful event (ex. Presentation, Competition, Performance, etc.). If desired, the user can continue wearing Buzzies through the event as well as post-event to maintain calm.

Buzzies give the user a gentle stimulation or vibration. This bi-lateral stimulation affects the brain and alters the body's fight or flight mechanism. Once you pair the Buzzies, you can choose from one of the pre-settings for Calm, Focus, Improve Performance, manage Anger, reduce Cravings, Sleep, or create a custom setting. Once you hit start, the Buzzies will begin "buzzing" or vibrating bilaterally. It’s this bi-lateral stimulation (called BLAST) that alters the body's fight, flight, or freeze (F3) response that reduces your stress and anxiety level. For more research information feel free to look at the Research link. 

Yes you can leave Buzzies on all day. Many individuals on the Autism sprectrum and/or with Sensory Disorders tell us they prefer to wear them all day. Depending on intensity and frequency of the Buzzies (determined by a pre-setting or a custom setting) the batteries will last from 2.5 hours to 4 hours. Some people choose to purchase two sets and have one set as a backup set.

No. Buzzies were designed to be versatile. You can place Buzzies on your wrists using watchbands, in socks, pockets, or even holding in hands. Buzzies must be placed one on the right side of the body and one on the left side of the body.

We are sorry! First ensure that you turn your Buzzies on (hold down the indent on the top of the Buzzies for 2 seconds until the green light comes on) when your Buzzies are looking to pair. If Buzzies are turned on too early they may miss the “pairing window.” Once the app locates Buzzies, click on the two Buzzies you wish to connect.

If the steps above are not working, open the Devices settings menu and choose Bluetooth. Look for any devices named Buzzies and click to “Forget Device.” Delete the Buzzies app and re-install it from the Apple or Google Store. Turn the Buzzies on when the app begins to look for Buzzies to pair.

Yes, you can pair Buzzies with multiple devices, although only one phone/tablet can "talk" to Buzzies at a time. To enable another phone to pair you would need to turn the Buzzies off and then turn them on and pair with the new phone.

You must have a phone or tablet in order to turn the Buzzies on and choose a presetting. When your phone moves out of Bluetooth range, you will get a message stating your Buzzies became unpaired, but they will continue buzzing! They will buzz until either the battery dies, or they are manually turned off by the user.

Yes, Buzzies were designed to be compatible with any spring watchband provided the band is not wider than 22mm. Simply press down on one side of the pin that holds the watchband to the plastic couplers and pop the pin and watchband out. Thread a new watchband onto the pin and reattach in the same manner by pressing down on the pin.

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