Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How Do I Use The Buzzies?

Place one buzzie on each wrist and secure the wristbands or remove the vibrating units from the wristbands and place one in each pocket, one in each sock, or one in each hand. For buzzies to work, one must be on the right side of the body and one must be on the left.   Buzzies do not need to be touching the skin. After the buzzies are in place, turn on the app and follow the instructions.   The buzzies can be used in a short duration to calm stress, or they may be left on for longer periods of time.

What Is Included In The Kit?

The buzzies kit includes two buzzies with Watchbands, wall adapter with charging cables, access to the app available in both ios and Android, and packaging to store your buzzies.

Do I Need To Buy Two Kits?

Not unless you want to have the buzzies on while you are charging a spare set. Depending on the settings, buzzies should last several hours on one charge. Some children with Autism or people going through an incredibly stressful time in their lives opt to buy two kits so they can charge one set of buzzies while they use the other set so there is no interruption. Most users opt to use the buzzies for short periods of time throughout the day so the buzzies last all day for most regular users.

Are the Buzzies Waterproof?

Unfortunately, the Buzzies are not waterproof. While they will withstand minor water such as perspiration, they will not withstand water. Please be sure to remove your Buzzies prior to bathing, swimming, or other water filled activities.

What If The Buzzies Don’t Work On Me?

There are no known conditions that would render the buzzies ineffective. The buzzies should work on everyone because of how the brain integrates sensory input. If it feels like the buzzies aren’t producing calm it could be because they are on too slow of a speed setting for a particular person or the overlap period may be too long. Try a faster setting with no overlap if this is a possibility. If someone is panicking or thinking about an extremely stressful event, it may take longer than 30 seconds for the individual to feel the difference. In this case, leave the buzzies on and then reassess every minute. In a few minutes, there should be a noticeable difference. If an individual has a severe medical or mental health condition or is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, this may interfere with the results. If an individual has a dissociative disorder, Autism, or agenesis of the corpus callosum, he or she may not be able to notice the positive changes even if they are occurring.

How Can I Test If The Buzzies Are Working?

Take "The Buzzies Challenge"

The Buzzies Challenge is built into the setup of every new Buzzie Kit. After your phone initially pairs with the Buzzies, the app will prompt you to follow the steps below:
Think about an upsetting life event that is about a 6 or 7 on a scale of 0 to 10 where 0 is zero feeling or stress about an event and 10 is the most upset you can imagine. Then see if you can feel a body sensation when you think about the upsetting situation and rate how intense that sensation is on a scale of 0 to 10 where 0 is no sensation and 10 is the most intense sensation you can imagine. Notice or write down the numbers you associate with the upsetting life event. Use the app to turn on the buzzies on the preset “Reduce Stress Now” setting and keep thinking about the upsetting life event. Wait about 30 seconds and then rate how your body sensation changed and how upsetting the situation now feels on the same 0 to 10 scales. If it’s gone, congratulations! If it’s lower but not gone, keep thinking about the situation until it feels like it’s not upsetting. Then turn the buzzies off and see how upset you can become about the life situation. Our research shows that in less than 1 minute, at least 60% of the upset resolves and it does not return when the original situation was rated an intensity of 7 or less. If the intensity is 8 or higher, it may take longer for the buzzies to produce calm so be patient and allow them to work.

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