For Families


Children - including those affected by ADHD and ASD

Buzzies can be used almost the entire day when children are in the classroom to help with focus, calm their sensory reactivity to lights, sounds, and other stimuli, and to reduce motor movements and stimming. They can assist in facilitating homework, help children calm down before they go to bed, and de-escalate tantrums. Buzzies may offer support in any situation where hyperactivity or anxiety are at issue as children often like the way they feel asking to use them even if the parent isn't perceiving any problem at the time.  Parents of children with ASD often opt to purchase two sets of Buzzies so they do not have to charge them during the school day. Children affected by autism may react at first if the intensity is set too high, so we recommend introducing them to Buzzies with a low intensity level at first.

In one case, the teacher of a 10-year-old nonverbal boy with ASD who wears Buzzies in his pockets daily reported he was able to transition in and out of the classroom with fewer meltdowns, smiled and laughed more with more appropriate and varied facial expressions, made more frequent eye contact, and redirected faster when he became emotional.  Teachers also noted that if Buzzies were turned off, they could tell immediately.  


Often parents will use Buzzies in certain “high risk” situations where the children are likely to become upset such as on the way to school if a child has separation anxiety.  Parents say that they use Buzzies themselves to help when they are frustrated with their children's behavior. When couples are discussing heated topics, both partners can use the buzzies to keep calm and problem solve rather than becoming “locked in” to decision-making from their escalated emotional state.   


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