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  • For Medical Professionals

    In Therapy

    Doctors can use buzzies with their patients during talk therapy or during more phases of EMDR therapy to desensitize the stress response and promote faster healing and resolution of distressing life events.  Our research shows that in less than 30 seconds, distressing body sensations such as chest tightness, stomach pain, or headaches, can be significantly reduced or eliminated.  Subjective upset or distress also diminishes and the patient cannot usually return to the prior level of upset after using the buzzies even after they are off.  The result is that just by thinking about the upsetting situation while the buzzies are on makes the situation significantly less upsetting.  There may be new neural pathways forming in just seconds that override and become the new normal, resulting in faster healing and resolution of life’s challenges.  This is such a profound finding that we challenge everyone to take The TouchPoint Challenge and try it for themselves. 


    Medical Applications

    Buzzies can be used before and during medical procedures to help promote calm and to restore calm after stressful events such as getting a shot.  Doctors can use buzzies while relaying medical diagnoses and news to possibly prevent the onset of acute stress or post-traumatic stress.   One patient used the buzzies before and during her oncology appointments after finding out she was diagnosed with cancer. She reported they helped to calm her, allowed her to recall the medical discussions, and she made more informed decisions as a result.   Another patient used the buzzies on herself and her child while her child was in the ER and she received news that her child had a much more serious medical condition that what she expected.  She was only able to be calm and make an informed medical decision after she used the buzzies.  Before that she was so flooded with anxiety that she reported it was “too hard to think straight.”