For the Working Professional

Buzzies for the Working ProfessionalAdults with ADHD can use buzzies at work to help them focus and to aid in forming memories while they are engaged in work related tasks.  Some adults with ADHD are easily irritated and the buzzies can help calm them down to prevent impulsive comments or further irritation.

Executives can use buzzies in the morning as part of their morning routine, during important negotiations that may create stress or irritation to keep them calm and to improve their performance, and during or after any anxiety provoking situation to help restore their calm and focus.

People can be fearful of many things.  When fear reaches a certain point, thinking cannot override the brain's powerful fight/flight response and often panic occurs. Turning the buzzies on at the first sign of fear on an airplane, before a performance, or with children when they start to fear the dark can create a sense of calm and override the brain's fear response system.  Panic can be prevented in fewer than 30 seconds in some cases and, over time, chronic fear that manifests in severe phobias may be prevented.