Tech and Healthcare Intersect to Relieve Stress

By Mike Hunter | InBusiness Magazine | March 2017

"Although Buzzies have been shown to be beneficial for autistic children, gifted children, children with ADHD, working professionals, first responders and parents who want a cost-effective solution to help diminish stress in real-time, the technology is designed to work for anyone."


Buzz Your Stress Away

By Kelli Johnson | | Feb 28, 2017



A Phoenix-area neuropsychologist has created a game changing device for stress relief. 

If we're being honest, not everyone has time to meditate, attend yoga classes, or other methods of coping mechanisms for stress as often as we would like. To help combat this, Dr. Amy Serin of The Serin Center co-created, The Touchpoint Solution, more commonly known as 'Buzzies'. It's a wearable device that you can take on the go and control on a mobile app. It uses technology that detects your stress levels and within 30 seconds, aims to calm you down. Buzzies are currently on the market for $239. 


Oscar Preview Party

Celebrity Page | February 24, 2017

"You can't have a party without swag bags, and this year stars are hitting the jackpot with hot new products like Buzzies!" 

Click here to find out what Celebrity page and Roger Neal have to say about Buzzies at the Oscars


It’s Stressful Being An Entrepreneur: Here’s How To Cope

By Dr. Amy Serin | Swaay Media | February 16, 2017

How can Buzzies help you cope with stress?

Entrepreneurship brings about a unique stress to those who embark on this path less taken. In turn, we seek actively and engaging methods of stress relief and relaxation: meditate, exercise, do yoga, take active breaks, recharge in nature, etc.  While these strategies certainly have benefits, they add to-do items to the seemingly endless lists that women already find too overwhelming.  We are constantly prioritizing, multi-tasking, juggling, and problem solving every day and adding to our list may increase guilt or a sense of being under accomplished — even if the goal is to help promote balance and well-being.  Read More


Fabulous People: Amy Serin

By Fabulous Arizona | February 15, 2017

Dr. Amy Serin

Dr. Amy Serin is a Neuropsychologist at The Serin Center and Inventor of Buzzies, who is a recognized national leader in applied neuroscience. Her success is inspiring to women globally, so we are proud to say she was raised in Arizona! Learn more about Amy Serin… Read More


Co-founder Vicki Mayo being recently interviewed by Francisco Xavier of Entrepreneurs N' Fuego


The Touchpoint Solution's Arizona Neuroscientist Discovers New Technology to Alleviate Stress and Anxiety - ABC 15 Arizona