Product Reviews

 John M., CEO

“I use Buzzies for 15 minutes every day while I get ready for work. They work while I multi-task and I don't need to meditate anymore to gain focus and clarity. Often my best ideas come to me when I’m using them.”

Carol S., Executive and Mom of 2

“Everyone in the family uses the Buzzies. I use them during stressful work calls, my husband when he gets stress headaches, and my kids every night to fall asleep faster. Honestly I don’t know what I would do without the Buzzies!

Tara S., Therapist

“During patients' first visit, I give them Buzzies while they discuss their problems.  Their chest pains and stomach aches dissipate in seconds and they leave with more relief if we had just talked. I recommend my patients get the Buzzies as part of their overall mental and physical health strategy.”

Jackson, age 8, Student
“I like the Buzzies because when I stress out over homework it helps my body stay calm. Then I just get it done and then I can play. It used to take me a lot longer to get things done.”