We bought a set recently, and my two daughters have been using them. We saw a difference in their anxiety levels straight away. I'd describe it as not an all out cure, but it definitely takes the edge off, and has allowed them both to cope better through the school day. So highly recommended.
- Sophie Pryce-Looijer

My granddaughter has autism and has been using the TouchPoints™ at school. It helps her anxiety and she has now made 4 friends for the first time in her life- I think this is due to her have the sensory input that she needs rather than doing hand-flapping, constantly readjusting clothes, etc. Thank you TouchPoints!
- Kim Walter

I'm wearing these right now! I have struggled with severe generalized anxiety and panic disorder. I can honestly say these help me feel more relaxed and clear headed!

I love them, I have handled overwhelming situations a lot better and feel over all more calm! Almost like I'm comforted throughout the day. It's kind of hard to explain but yes I believe they work :)
- Bri Ferguson

Wow! I received my TouchPoints™ today and wanted to share my first time using.

I suffer from panic and anxiety, not on meds, I have been pretty anxious today, probably 6 out of 10, I wore the TouchPoints for 5 minutes and instantly felt calmer and relaxed and after the 4 minutes of wearing the calming effects remains. I'm stoked!
- Heather Vollmert

 I am so honored that my kids and I were able to share our experience using TouchPoints! They are used every day in our house multiple times a day. We love them so much!!
- Jennifer Childress

I already felt amazing using the sleep mode last night.
- Teresa Greenway