Craver Stress Profile

Your personalized stress profile (PSP) reveals that you have a craver stress personality. When stress is intense, it's hard to fight cravings or addictive behaviors. 

Lifestyle Tips

Identify key times of day you’re likely to crave and try to control the environment

Seek to satisfy negative feelings with connections with others rather than substances

Physically distance yourself from whatever you’re craving to help focus

Cravings can arise when tired, take a power nap and try to get more sleep

Recognize when you are craving and actively distract yourself.

Remember, don’t beat yourself up if you give in. Use it as a learning experience and take action to improve in the future.  

6 Dimensions of Health

Goal: To practice conscious decision making throughout the day.

Review the Meditation/Mindfulness and Healthy Thinking Sections of the 6 Dimensions of Health. 

Recommended Product:

TouchPoints Essentials

+ Zippered Sweatbands

Use TouchPoints™ purple setting for a few minutes to curb unhealthy urges when stress makes you want to reach for those addictive substances, behaviors, or foods. Wearing TouchPoints™ during the behaviors can help you stop and think so you can stop the habits.  

Use Zippered Wristbands for discreet use during the day.

TouchPoint Zippered Sweatbands