Results: HOT

Your stress profile reveals that you have a hot stress personality. Stress amps up your frustration, leaving you hot-tempered throughout the day.

  • Remember being happy and staying calm are more important than holding grudges or staying upset.

Lifestyle Tips:

  1. Identify situations that cause irritation and calm prior to occurrence

  2. Add in more exercise to regulate your brain

  3. Take slow, deep breaths and focus on breathing when you feel worked up

  4. Journal to vent frustrations or write letter to share frustrations 

  5. Visualized calm and flexibility about situations and its real importance

Goal: Stay calm throughout the day

Review the Healthy Relationships, Healthy Thinking and Mindfulness/Meditation sections of the 6 Dimensions

Recommended Product: TouchPoint Essentials + zippered sweatbands

Use TouchPoints™ purple/fast setting for a few minutes to curb unhealthy urges when stress makes you want to reach for those addictive substances, behaviors, or foods. Wearing TouchPoints™ during the behaviors can help you stop and think so you can stop the habits.  

Use Zippered Wristbands for discreet use during the day.

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