Hot Stress Profile

Are you easy to anger? Those that have the Hot Stress Profile feel a large amount of frustration with stress, leaving them hot-tempered through-out the day.

Lifestyle Tips

Identify situations that cause irritation and calm prior to occurrence

Add in more exercise to regulate your brain

Take slow, deep breaths and focus on breathing when you feel worked up

Journal to vent frustrations or write letter to share frustrations 

Visualized calm and flexibility about situations and its real importance

Remember being happy and staying calm are more important than holding grudges or staying upset.

TouchPoints For You

Goal: To stay calm

Use TouchPoints purple setting for 5 minutes before potentially frustrating situations and as long as you want when you get worked up during the day. Use them during interactions with certain people if you think you might get irritated.

Recommended Product:

TouchPoints with Wristbands

TouchPoints' proprietary neuroscience BLAST technology uses gentle, alternating micro-vibrations to calm you in seconds. 

Place your TouchPoints on wrists, in pockets, socks, palms or tank top straps when you feel anxious or overwhelmed and move your brain back into a state of calm at the push of a button. The perfect life hack for busy people on the go!

TouchPoints with Wristbands