Kids with Autism Spectrum Diagnoses (ASD) are having a BLAST with TouchPoints!

Kids with Autism Spectrum Diagnoses (ASD) are having a BLAST with TouchPoints!

In my decade of experience working in my clinic, I have been blessed with so many “aha” moments when I realize an intervention can do truly amazing things.  This happened when a mom decided to use TouchPoints all day at school on her 10-year-old boy with ASD*.  Her close friend, a counselor who had told her about the technology, immediately e-mailed me with feedback from the teacher and was so excited about the results.  It was an unbelievable change.  According to the teacher, this child was able to transition activities in and out of the classroom with fewer meltdowns, was smiling and laughing more and showing a fuller range of facial expressions, lifted his head up more frequently and made better and more consistent eye contact, and was easier to redirect.  The teacher could notice when the TouchPoints were on or off immediately because his functioning would deteriorate.  Although this doesn’t typically happen in neurotypical children, it seems that children with ASD benefit from more prolonged use of the TouchPoints given their many challenges.

We know that children with ASD experience significant anxiety and sensory sensitivities.  One study found that they do better during computerized testing vs. testing given by a person because even one person in the room is enough to create significant anxiety and lower performance.  Now in real time we have a method to consistently lower stress and improve functioning.  Other parents of kids with ASD have shared that they have their children use the TouchPoints all day at school to reduce stress, improve focus, and help their children tolerate the sensory environment.  But don’t take my word for it.  Talk to someone who has used the TouchPoints and take the Touchpoints challenge for yourself. 


*This testimonial was given freely by a community member who is not a patient of The Serin Center.  Dr. Serin cannot share patient information due to legal and ethical medical standards.



  • I have an Autistic 4 year old who is struggling with frustration and anxiety. I would love to even try thi s myself for work and when situations get bad at home when my son has a melt down because he’s so easily frustrated. I would love more info on this product!

    - Chrissie
  • How do you purchase Buzzies? Also, do they work for ADHD? My grandson is high functioning autism with ADHD

    - Vicky Alley
  • I am a little confused about how this actually works. Does the bracelet just act as a signal to the child – does it vibrate and buzz when it senses a child is getting too anxious? Or is there something the bracelet does that actually calms the child? Thanks!

    - Julie
  • I have a 13 yo son with autism and a 7 yo son with ODD, ADHD and PTSD. My seven year old is not doing good at school. Will this work on kids with those disorders. I’m at a loss and I refuse to put him on meds

    - Rachel
  • I need more info on how this works and what kind of clinical studies have been done on it.

    - Matt

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