Place one buzzie on each wrist and secure the wristbands or remove the vibrating units from the wristbands and place one in each pocket, one in each sock, or one in each hand. For buzzies to work, one must be on the right side of the body and one must be on the left. Buzzies do not need to be touching the skin. After the buzzies are in place, turn on the app and follow the instructions. The buzzies can be used in a short duration to calm stress, or they may be left on for longer periods of time.

So Do I Need To Buy Two Kits in order for it to work? No. Not unless you want to have the buzzies on while you are charging a spare set. Depending on the settings, buzzies should last several hours on one charge. Some children with Autism or people going through an incredibly stressful time in their lives opt to buy two kits so they can charge one set of buzzies while they use the other set so there is no interruption. Most users opt to use the buzzies for short periods of time throughout the day so the buzzies last all day for most regular users.

A single Buzzies Kit includes:

  • One set of Buzzies (2 individual devices to be worn on each side of the body)
  • Clips to attach Buzzies to pockets, sock, or shoes
  • Couplers to attach watch bands, charging cables, wall charger
  • The Buzzies App (both ios and Android version available).
  • Unfortunately, the Buzzies are not waterproof. While they will withstand minor water such as perspiration, they will not withstand water. Please be sure to remove your Buzzies prior to bathing, swimming, or other water filled activities.
    The app operates as a remote contol for Buzzies. We have built in an option where you can turn the Buzzies on and choose a setting and then remove the phone/tablet. You would receive an error message stating that your Buzzies have been disconnected but your Buzzies will continue to buzz. In order to turn the Buzzies off, you would need to re-pair Buzzies or manually turn the Buzzies off.
    e do offer a financial need based scholarship program! You can apply on our Scholarships Page
    Yes we do ship to 168 countries internationally. :) There is a fee for our 2 Day FexEx delivery.
    Buzzies do work in a show and/or in belts. Please see our blog post on Where to wear and How to Use Buzzies