Safety & Care:

A little safety and care can go a long way in helping you stress less and live more! By taking the time to follow these safety and care tips, you'll be able to enjoy your product without worrying about any unexpected mishaps. So go ahead and take a deep breath, relax, and let these safety instructions be your guide to a stress-less experience!

TouchPoints™ Battery & Charging Instruction: 

  • TouchPoints™ will run about 3-4 hours on a full charge, and store charge for up to one week. TouchPoints™ use lithium ion rechargeable batteries.
  • For best performance, charge TouchPoints utilizing the companion TouchPoint dual-pronged USB cable.
  • The USB cable must not be used if there is any damage to the insulation jacket or around each of the connectors.
  • Plug the devices into the charging cable before inserting the other end of the USB cable and into the computer or USB adapter.
  • It is not recommended to use USB charging ports in furniture like hotel lamps or couches.
  • Recommended minimum of weekly charging
  • It is not recommended to charge for 24 hours+
  • It is recommended to unplug the USB adapter from the wall when not in use.
  • ALWAYS use a charging adapter that displays the following safety symbols: 

  • TouchPoint devices are CE marked, certifying all requirements of relevant recognized European harmonized performance and safety standards

Caring for your TouchPoints™

  • TouchPoints have a guaranteed life of 1-year with proper use and care. Keep in mind, TouchPoints are intended to be used as needed throughout the day typically in 5-30 minute periods. While there is no harm to your person in using TouchPoints for longer periods of time, using TouchPoints for several consecutive hours daily can shorten the lifespan of the motors which will require the device to be replaced.

    Note using TouchPoints for up to 30 minutes can leave a lasting effect in helping you stay calm throughout the day, even when TouchPoints are off! One of the ways TouchPoints' BLAST technology works is by creating new neural pathways that help modify the memories that trigger our stress response. These new neural pathways can build overtime, progressively reducing the release of stress related hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol levels. Overtime, using TouchPoints in these shorter periods as needed throughout the day should help you feel less stressed, more calm and logical, even when they're off. Using TouchPoints as such will not only be helpful to their effectiveness, but will also prolong their lifetime and help you better understand and manage your stress.
  • Recommended storing temperatures 59-80 degrees
  • Store in safe areas where dirt or water cannot get in
  • Handle with care; rough handling/dropping may cause internal damage
  • TouchPoints™ are sweat resistant however they are not water resistant. Avoid using TouchPoints™ near or around water.

  • Do NOT use devices if product has become wet
  • Do NOT charge devices if product has become wet

TouchPoints™ Users:

  • TouchPoints™ are not recommended for ages 3 years and younger due to small choking hazards
  • TouchPoints™ are considered general wellness devices. A general wellness device is defined by the FDA as a low-risk product that promotes a healthy lifestyle. It is not an FDA regulated device and it is unrelated to the diagnosis and cure of a condition.  
  • Backed by clinical trial and multiple numerous scientific studies, TouchPoints™ are an innovative, noninvasive approach way to reduce stress in as little as 30 seconds. TouchPoints™ work by BLAST (bi-lateral alternating stimulation tactile), a patented method derived from a psychotherapeutic technique to treat PTSD, called eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). TouchPoints were designed to interfere with the body's stress response. Chronic stress can acutely affect quality of life and have serious long-term health consequences. TouchPoints™ users report they are calmer, experience less physical and psychological stress-related symptoms, sleep better, and have improved performance. However, as mentioned previously, TouchPoints™ are not a substitute for medical advice. For questions and concerns regarding the safety of using TouchPoints™ with any medical condition or other treatment regimens, please consult your physician. 

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