Aimee Ortiz Crowdfunding Campaign
I am a single mom of 17 month old twin boys. I am currently not working so that I can attend to their needs. I do not qualify for ANY financial assistance in my state.  That should be enough right there. Ha ha. My sons were evaluated and both have a "developmental delay". I know my 1 son is somewhere on the Autism spectrum but because of their age they will not diagnose him. At 17 months old and having his brother go through surgery, and therefore slightly more attention going through the ordeal, my Lucá has been "acting out", throwing tantrums, throwing himself backwards, becoming more and more anxious, stressed, and therefore causes more "episodes" where I can not find a way to calm him down. In my state (Florida) they do offer Early interventions but ask anyone and Florida happens to be "the armpit of insurance". Being unable...
Alex Pascual Crowdfunding Campaign
Our son Alex (5 yrs old) is diagnosed with Autism. Everything and everyday is challenging fo us and must be for him. By the grace of God we we are still blessed. He was non verbal before and last year he just learned to talk. He is getting smarter and with a very high IQ during our IEP. But his being agitated and lack of focus during class gives the teacher an evaluation to be transferred to an Autism class from a regular class environment. My son is very talented too but due to our financial status we could not send him to any music instrument Tutorial or sports either. I can not work full time because of his intensive care and I have 2 other kids to attend to. My husband works at School district as Custodian and doesn't earn much to be able to supply my son's therapy...
Alice Fox Crowdfunding Campaign
My name is Alice Fox. I'm a single mother of four and don't receive child support. I lost my job 2 months ago due to having to leave to try to help the school with one of my autistic sons and. I also just found out I have another son that has bipolar depression. My austistic boys pace around and get anxious and irritated because they can't concentrate at school.  I cry every night in bed wishing I could help them more and do more for them but I do all I can with what I got.I can't give my kids better help, all I can offer is my love, support, and patience and things I've learned about autism and I continue to look new things up. I would love to have a set of Buzzies for myself and for my two boys with autism. Thank you for supporting our...
Amber Sebastian Crowdfunding Campaign
My son was diagnosed with autism when he was 4, he started with at home therapy when he was 1, we thought it was just sensory issues, but as time went on he showed more and more signs of autism. He has am extremely hard time staying focused, stims all day long, very hyperactive. His teacher said he's become impulsive and it's hard to direct his attention back to his school work. At home he has to be jumping or running. We've had people suggest medications,and he's in occupational therapy, but he's only 6, we want to explore all options before meds I am a stay at home mother of 2, both are young boys, one diagnosed moderately handicap with autism. My husband makes just enough to cover rent, SSI covers utilities and food stamps cover the rest. We appreciate you supporting our campaign! -Amber Sebastian  
Buzzies Family Pack (4 Devices)
$916.00 $1,036.00
Start changing your life, #GetYourBuzziesOn Discounted price of $916.00 Purchase includes four (4) sets of Buzzies (2 individual devices to be worn on each side of the body), four (4) sets of clips and couplers for attaching watchbands, four (4) sets of watchbands, charging cables, wall charger, and app (both ios and Android version available). Estimated Delivery: 6-8 weeks  Note: Regular price including watchbands is $259 per Device.
Buzzies Kit for One person (includes 2 Devices)
$239.00 $259.00
 Buzzies is a wearable device that uses patent pending neuroscience to relieve anxiety and stress. The Buzzies devices connect remotely through the Buzzies App on your smart phone and control the non-invasive vibrating patterns emitted through the device.   Estimated Delivery: 6-8 weeks The Buzzies App is Currently Available on these Platforms:           Choose from one of the presetting optionsOr Create your own custom setting: A single Buzzies Kit includes:  One set of Buzzies (2 individual devices to be worn on each side of the body) Clips to attach Buzzies to pockets, sock, or shoes Couplers to attach watch bands, charging cables, wall charger The Buzzies App (both ios and Android version available). *Watch bands NOT included, but can be purchased separately.   Buzzies Watchbands for One person Includes 2 Bands $20.00  
Buzzies Scholarship Donation
A core component of the Touchpoint Solution is making Buzzies accessible to everyone. For those in financial need we offer a scholarship program. Your donation helps us to award even more scholarships. For information on how to apply to the scholarship program please see For information on winners, please visit our facebook page at
Buzzies Watchbands for One person (includes 2 bands)
While there are many ways to wear Buzzies, some enjoy wearing Buzzies on their wrists. These stainless steel mesh watchbands feature a magnetic closure for easy on and off access and adjusting. Simply use the couplers included in your Buzzies purchase and using the built in stainless lugs attach the bands. Purchase includes 2 sets of watchbands, compatible with the Buzzies Single Device Set. Note: Buzzies are compatible with any spring pin watchband 22mm or thinner.
Christopher Poston Crowdfunding Campaign
I am a single mother raising 3 children. I unfortunately have multiple medical bills that use up the majority of my extra money. My middle son, Christopher, is a 15 year old wonderful young man that has autism. We have tried multiple things to assist Chris to help him focus which includes medications. My son is very smart but it is very hard to make him focus on doing school work and practice his clarinet during and class and after school. The school system claims they cannot provide a helper with band and he enjoys playing his clarinet. He actually can play a lot of things by ear. I really would like to provide these devices for my autistic child. We appreciate your support as you assist us in getting Buzzies to help my son excel! -Christina Poston (Christopher's Mom)
Christopher Zak Crowdfunding Campaign
My son is a 20 year old with autism. We have tried countless therapies and medications for years. He has a hard time staying on task which has severely affected his ability to work and live semi independently. I am on disability due to a botched medical procedure.
Dafne Quiroga Crowdfunding Campaign
I am a mother of three kids,  one with autism. After his birth i quit my job and took this challenging job of a mom of an special kid which is not payable and with a lot of expenses that sometimes is hard to afford. I am always looking for things that can help my child have a more functional life. I would use Buzzies to help him with his anxiety that is interfering and to have a more functional life. He has a lot of potential! Thank you! Dafne Quiroga    
Desmond Gum Crowdfunding Campaign
I'm a single mom raising my severly autistic child completely on my own..Desmond is 10 years old and has severe Autism. Desmond is non verbal. He attends therapy and special needs yoga every week. He attends school regularly. School has recently become quite a challenge. He gets frustrated easily and his behaviors are also becoming challenging.     I have never wanted to turn to medication. But from the pressure of others and not knowing how to help, we tried it. He tried two different medications, both made him worse. He is now off of the medicine and waiting to see a neurologist. I am not able to work very much due to my child's needs. We barely get by but I do my best to ensure his needs are met. I would love to give him the opportunity to try Buzzies instead of just another medication.   Thank you...