TouchPoints have been used OVER 3 MILLION TIMES to manage stress and get more sleep

How can TouchPoints help you?


Stress and anxiety can have a major negative impact on your body – both physically and mentally. TouchPoints are proven to reduce stress and anxiety by 74% in 30 seconds.


Research shows TouchPoints help you fall asleep within 15 minutes and an 80% reduction in wakefulness during the night by managing the stress that keeps you up. 


The success of any task relies on clear and consistent focus - the better you focus, the higher you perform. Research shows that TouchPoints improves your focus by 50%. 

Powerful Technology, Scientifically-Proven Results

TouchPoints are groundbreaking wearable devices that use gently haptic micro-vibrations clinically proven to reduce stress by over 70% in 30 seconds. Developed over the course of a decade by a team of neuropsychologists, these devices work by altering the body's stress response with scientifically validated BLAST technology (Bi-lateral Alternating Stimulation Tactile) technology.  

BLAST works by shifting your brain from the "fight or flight" sympathetic nervous system to the "calm and logical" parasympathetic nervous system to increase your state of calm, improve your sleep, and increase your focus and performance.

How TouchPoints Work

Alternative Stress Relief That Has Swept the Nation

"Everyone can have access to stress relief anytime and anywhere."

"Could be the first step toward a drug-free solution to stress."

"With TouchPoints, the secret to sleep may be as easy as the push of a few buttons."

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