What Are TouchPoints?

TouchPoints are non-invasive neuroscientific lifestyle wearables that use patent pending neuroscience to relieve stress. TouchPoints can improve sleep, performance, and focus, and can reduce cravings and anger. Introduce peace to your daily life with TouchPoints.







How Can TouchPoints Help You?


“I'm wearing these right now! I have struggled with severe generalized anxiety and panic disorder. I can honestly say these help me feel more relaxed and clear headed!”

Bri Fergson, Student

“As a V.P. of Global Operations I am always traveling and daily find myself in stressful situations. TouchPoints keep me performing at optimum during key business meetings and help me sleep when I'm away from home.”

Tom Depoy, Vice President of Global Operations

"My son really noticed an improvement with his anxiety and his Asperger’s symptoms using this wonderful device.”

Nina Obedio, Mother of child with Asperger’s syndrome

"The TouchPoints definitely help! I traded them off with my wife during court while testifying. I will share them with my PISTLE peer group. I think these guys would definitely benefit."

Dave Bugallo, Retired Law Enforcement Officer, President and CEO of PISTLE (Post Incident Stress and Trauma in Law Enforcement)

“They work wonders in our house! Screaming meltdowns calm in seconds that used to take an hour to just run its course!”

Jennifer Childress Snodgrass, Mother

"I admire the company for pursuing evidenced base research. That shows integrity."

Calvin Sumner, Chief Medical Officer for Pearson, formerly Sentio Clinical Research Physician for Eli Lilly Research Laboratories

TouchPoints are Safe for People of all Ages


Executives can use TouchPoints before work to help set the tone for the day, during negotiations and presentations, and in stressful conversations, to stay calm, focused, and to promote better outcomes for the most optimal zone of performance.


Students can wear TouchPoints during classes as well as when preparing and studying for exams. to improve focus and memory retention. TouchPoints can help during exams as an effective way to beat test anxiety.

Children and Families

Family members can each take a turn using TouchPoints to help them to manage stressful situations such as homework time and as they juggle busy work/family schedules. Children with sensory sensitivities can wear TouchPoints at school and throughout the day to help soothe them, reducing anxiety and improving focus. TouchPoints may also aid at bedtime and help prevent meltdowns.

First Responders and Military

First Responders and members of the military can use TouchPoints before, during and after stressful calls when emotions have been heightened. TouchPoints can help responders to return to a safe baseline which will allow them to continue to successfully execute their duties.