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Automated Bi-lateral Stimulation

Clinic Demo Program


Get the opportunity to try our stress-relieving technology firsthand with our Clinic Demo Program. We know you'll see the difference in the ease of use and impact on your patients.  

By joining our 60-day Clinic Demo Program, you get 50% off a set of TouchPoints to try yourself or with your patients. If you join our Wholesale Program, we will refund your initial purchase. If not, you can keep the set of TouchPoints at this deeply discounted rate.


Connect with us if you have questions or want to learn more about how other therapists are using TouchPoints in their practices.

Apply Today For Your TouchPoints Demo

STEP 1:   Complete the form below

STEP 2:   Our team will email you an invoice with a courtesy 50% discount

STEP 3:   Your order will ship within 5 business days after the invoice is completed, and you will have a 60-day demo period from the date you receive the TouchPoints

STEP 4:   Book your complimentary consultation with one of our Customer Experience specialists

STEP 5:   You have 60 days to try TouchPoints out and decide if you want to join the Wholesale Program. If you join the Wholesale Program, we will refund the cost of the initial set and you are then able to purchase products upfront at a low cost to provide an added benefit to patients. If you decide not to join the program, you can keep the set of TouchPoints at this deeply discounted rate.



Join the growing number of therapists who sell TouchPoints through their practice so their clients can better manage their stress and anxiety at home. We offer deeply discounted rates on TouchPoint orders of 10 or more units. This allows you to purchase products upfront at a low cost while scaling up your business and providing an added benefit to your patients.

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Want to provide your patients with a special discount while helping them trying TouchPoints at home? Our Affiliate Program is free to join, easy to sign-up, and requires no technical knowledge. If you decide to utilize our Affiliate Program, you will have a dedicated link and discount code for your patients to order directly from TouchPoints and will earn with every sale that results from the traffic you drive to our site. 

Therapists Using Bi-lateral Stimulation Facebook Forum

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Are you currently using or exploring the use of bi-lateral stimulation in your practice? Connect with other professionals and directly share your experience and questions with a group of your peers. 

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