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Social Issues (Teens)

Social problems can be a huge source of stress for teens, often triggering the fight, flight, or freeze response. BLAST® can help when thinking about the situation, during interactions with peers, or after a social problem happens, providing a calming influence to better manage these stress reactions.

How blast® works for social issues (teens)


Before you start:

Learn the basics behind operating your TouchPoints. Learn how to pair your TouchPoints, what the different modes are and more with our online user guide.

When to use BLAST®:

Spot: Use TouchPoints as soon as you feel a surge of anxiety, worry, or self-consciousness

Preventative: Use TouchPoints while thinking of the upsetting social situation and 15-30 minutes prior to the social situation

How to use BLAST®:

Where: Place TouchPoints on your wrists, pockets, in socks, or simply hold them. 

Mode: Use the Fast/Purple mode. 

Timing: If a certain person is the problem, think about them with the TouchPoints until you feel calm. Try to think through logically how you want to handle future situations. 

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