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What would i do?

🗸 Spread the word about TouchPoints and the potential to live a better life through new advances in neuroscience.

🗸 Stress less in style and wear TouchPoints swag around town.

🗸 Give feedback and brainstorm with TouchPoint HQ through a direct line of communication with co-founders Vicki Mayo and Dr. Amy Serin.

What would I get?

🎁 Swag on swag. Tote your TouchPoints bag and rock your shirt, while typing on your TouchPoint-cased phone, sipping out of your TouchPoints water bottle!

💬 An invite to our privately held TouchPoint Ambassador Facebook group where you can connect with other TouchPoint ambassadors and our co-founders Vicki Mayo and Dr. Amy Serin.

📜 A bonus recap of the #TouchPointLife each month and get a look behind the scenes at TouchPoint HQ, including access to TouchPoint HQ.

🙌 Early access to TouchPoint content and products.

👩‍💻 The opportunity to beta test new TouchPoint products.

💙 TouchPoint Anniversary love.

😎 Partnership perks. Past highlights: exclusives with our partner brands, media opportunities, personalized product discounts, etc.

How do I join?

Fill out the online TouchPoint Ambassador application form below, join the TouchPoint Ambassador Facebook group and start sharing the #TouchPointLife.

Email to get more information, ask questions, and offer suggestions. Know someone who should be a TouchPoint Ambassador? Email us to nominate them.