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def. a reference to the systems in place which create and maintain racial inequality in nearly every facet of life for people of color (POC)


   As people of color experience issues within the areas listed above, they become disadvantaged. 

This perception of POC is then fed through society through the well known concept of "collective unconscious." 

The next generation begins with a disadvantage due to this bias which passes inter-generationaly. 


High ACE scores or any type of trauma creates toxic stress. 

Overactive "Fight or Flight"

Toxic Stress throws your body's "Fight or Flight" system into overdrive. An overactive "fight or flight" can wreck havoc on the body creating lots of un-needed mental tension and physical distress through headaches, upset stomach, and body aches. 

Long- Term Health Impacts

 The combination of toxic stress and overactive fight of flight mechanism can lead to long term health impacts such as premature aging, cancer, and disease. 

So How do we reduce Toxic stress and the corresponding 

"Fight or Flight" Mechanism? 

TouchPoints with Wristbands

Tool to reduce stress

Meet TouchPoints. The BLAST technology embedded in TouchPoints has been researched and developed by a team of neuropsychologists for over a decade. This game changing technology uses haptic micro-vibrations to stop your stress response in seconds. 

Clinical Trials show a 71% reduction in stress in just 30 seconds.   Use code EQUALITY for $30 OFF.

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