A person may become agitated when fight/flight/freeze response is activated. This may look like angry outbursts, feeling restless, and being prone to impulsive decision making. These are normal responses to stressful scenarios, however it can be challenging to come out of this state of mind. The build up of stress overtime may also cause unprovoked agitation. TouchPoints™ can help curb agitation and impulsive decisions. Try TouchPoints™ to restore calm fast and recover.  


TouchPoint Solution’s wearable devices are embedded with patented BLAST (bi-lateral alternating stimulation tactile) technology. BLAST is scientifically proven to alter the body’s “fight or flight” response caused by stress. The wearables emit alternating vibrations that disengage your standard stress response (sympathetic nervous system), and shift you into the calm, logical side of your brain (parasympathetic nervous system). 

Excess levels of cortisol may be released as your body’s response to stress that may result in agitation and irritability. A triple blind placebo-controlled trial with athletes showed TouchPoints™ stabilized cortisol levels during stressful events and reduced the level of stress. (Leal-Junior, E. C., Casalechi, H. L., Machado, C. dos, Serin, A., Hageman, N. S., & Johnson, D. S., 2019) 


When using TouchPoints™ consistently when agitated, overtime you may not need them in certain situations as they become less stressful because of your TouchPoints™. One of the ways BLAST works is by creating new neural pathways that help modify the memories that trigger our stress response. With continued use of TouchPoints™, these new neural pathways can build overtime, progressively reducing the release of stress related hormones that can cause agitation. 

When to use TouchPoints


Use as soon as the agitation or frustration starts.


If you know you're going into a scenario that may cause agitation, begin using them 15-30 minutes prior.

HOW to use TouchPoints

Place TouchPoints on your wrists, pockets, in socks, or simply hold them. 

Activate TouchPoints on the Fast/Purple setting. 

Leave on until you feel a sense of calm.

user spotlight


N. Root, age 25


Agitation, sleep, inability to focus


“I use my Touch Points everyday multiple times. I wear before and during sleep until battery dies. I use when stressed a minimum of 30 mins. I use during meditation and therapy 20-60 mins I will use for EMDR with therapist. I use for sensory overload for example at grocery stores. I use when washing dishes or cleaning. I use when watching TV and listening to music.” 


Q: What significant changes have you seen?

A: “Calming, focused, stress relief, improved sleep and falling asleep and staying asleep. Entrainment techniques to anchor positive memories instead of or in addition to tapping...they are more effective than tapping is used alone.”

Q:  Have any medical providers, teachers, other family members etc. noticed a difference?

A:  “My therapist, my mom, my closest friends and family members.” 

Q: Do you have any other markers demonstrating how TouchPoints™ are working?

A:  “Using less medication. I turn to touch points instead of taking extra meds for pain and acute mental health episodes and symptoms.”*

Q: Anything else you'd like to share? 

A: “Thank you very much! I love my Touch Points!”

*While some users report using less medication, TouchPoints are not intended to replace medical care.

For questions regarding medication, always consult with a medical professional.

Leal-Junior, E. C.,Casalechi, H. L., Machado, C. dos, Serin, A., Hageman, N. S., & Johnson, D.S. (2019). A triple-blind, placebo-controlled randomized trial of the effect ofbilateral alternating somatosensory stimulation on reducing stress-relatedcortisol and anxiety during and after the Trier Social Stress Test. Journalof Biotechnology and Biomedical Science, 2(1), 22–30.

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