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Someone may become agitated when fight/flight/freeze response is activated. This may look like angry outbursts, feeling restless, and being prone to impulsive decision making. These are normal responses to stressful scenarios, however it can be challenging to come out of this state of mind. The build up of stress overtime may also cause unprovoked agitation. BLAST® can help curb agitation and impulsive decisions. Try BLAST® to restore calm fast and recover.  

How blast® works for AGITATION

How to use BLAST® for agITATION

Before you start:

Learn the basics behind operating your TouchPoints. Learn how to pair your TouchPoints, what the different modes are and more with our online user guide.

When to use BLAST®:

Spot: Use as soon as the agitation or frustration starts.

Preventative: If you know you're going into a scenario that may cause agitation, begin using them 15-30 minutes prior.

How to use BLAST®:

Where: Place TouchPoints on your wrists, pockets, in socks, or simply hold them. 

Mode: Use the Fast/Purple mode. 

Timing: Leave on until you feel a sense of calm.


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