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When we are stressed our bodies may experience cravings for comfort foods. While it’s okay to indulge in moderation it’s important to be mindful of our food choices and find healthier ways to cope with stress. BLAST® can help you beat the craving when it’s too much for your willpower.  

How blast® works for CRAVINGS


Before you start:

Learn the basics behind operating your TouchPoints. Learn how to pair your TouchPoints, what the different modes are and more with our online user guide.

When to use BLAST®:

Preventative: Use as soon as you feel like indulging. 

Spot: If you still indulge, do so with TouchPoint on.

How to use BLAST®:

Scale: When you have a craving, rate how strong this desire is on a scale of 1-10.

Where:  Place TouchPoints on your wrists, pockets, in socks, or simply hold them. 

Mode: Use the Medium/Yellow mode. 

Rescale: Wait 30 seconds, rescale, see if the desire to indulge has reduced. Repeat until the desire is minimal. If you still indulge, do it with the TouchPoints on so your cravings will be reduced in the future for the same indulgence. 


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