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Meditation has shown multiple health benefits, including reducing stress, improving emotional health, and increasing attention span. Studies have shown that using BLAST® induces brain activity similar to that seen with deep meditation and sleep. 

How blast® works for MEDITATION

How to use BLAST® for MEDITATION

Before you start:

Learn the basics behind operating your TouchPoints. Understand how to operate your TouchPoints, the different modes, and more with our online user guide.

When to use BLAST®:

Spot: Use TouchPoints just during meditation as an aid to help accentuate the health benefits. 

Preventative: Use TouchPoints 5-15 minutes before meditation to induce calm and focus. 

How to use BLAST®:

Where: Place TouchPoints on your wrists, ankles, clipped to pant pockets, or simply hold them in your hands.

Mode: Use the Slow/Blue mode. 

Timing: Use until you’re finished meditating 

Mindfulness exercise

Visit our YouTube and join us for 21 days of abundance with Deepak Chopra. Use BLAST® during this mindfulness exercise for best results.

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