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Separation Anxiety (Kids)

Separation anxiety in kids can trigger the body's stress response, activating the fight or flight system, which results in heightened feelings of fear and distress when separated from primary caregivers. This biological reaction is meant to protect the child by encouraging them to stay close to their caregivers for safety, however is not always useful. Use BLAST® to keep separation anxiety from becoming full-blown resistance.

How blast® works for Separation Anxiety (Kids)

How to use BLAST® for Separation Anxiety (Kids)

Before you start:

Learn the basics behind operating your TouchPoints. Understand how to operate your TouchPoints, the different modes, and more with our online user guide.

When to use BLAST®:

Spot: Use as soon as your child expresses not wanting to go to school. If they get anxious at school, let them spot use TouchPoints during the day as needed.

Preventative: Use TouchPoints 15-30 minutes prior to drop off at school or day care.

How to use BLAST®:

Where: Place TouchPoints on your wrists, ankles, clipped to pant pockets, or simply hold them in your hands.

Mode: Use the Blue/Slow mode. 

Timing: Leave on until child is calm.


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