How do I reset my TouchPoints?
Some of the most common issues can be fixed with a simple reset! It's a useful step if your TouchPoints seem to be stuck, have trouble vibrating, o...
What is the TouchPoint Challenge?
The TouchPoint Challenge stimulates a stressful event so you can quickly feel the stress reduction. Here’s how you can take the challenge: 1. Think...
How do TouchPoints help reduce my stress?
When you're stressed, the 'fight or flight' part of your brain engages. TouchPoints shift you into the logical, rational part of your brain and all...
How do I use TouchPoints for Calm?
Click here to download the TouchPoints for Calm QuickStart guide. 
Do TouchPoints work on every condition related to stress and anxiety?
TouchPoints do not treat or cure any medical conditions but can help manage the underlying stress that accompanies many conditions in conjunction ...
How do I use TouchPoints for Sleep?
Click here to download the TouchPoints for Sleep QuickStart guide. 

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