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Welcome to Thodian support hub! Got questions or need help? Get in touch with us at and check out our FAQ below for quick answers.

Some of the most common issues can be fixed with a simple reset! It's a useful step if your TouchPoints seem to be stuck, have trouble vibrating, or are not working normally.

How to reset your TouchPoints
1. Plug your devices into a laptop or desktop computer using the included micro-USB cable. Laptop/Desktop must be powered on and logged in.
2. Plug your TouchPoints in and out of the dual-pronged charging cable 3-4 times.
3. While plugged in, hold the TouchPoint buttons down for a solid 5 seconds. Count 1 Mississippi 2 Mississippi 3 Mississippi...
4. Unplug the TouchPoints and leave off the charging cable for at least 15 minutes and then plug the devices back up for an overnight charge.

If you're still having issues or have questions about troubleshooting, please contact Customer Support.

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