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Your personalized stress profile (PSP) reveals that you have an overwhelmed stress personality. Stress seems to permeate every facet of your life, causing you to feel drained, frazzled, and powerless.

  • Remember, even when external situations don’t change, your internal state can improve. 

Lifestyle Tips:

  1. Think about small parts of tasks in the short-term and focus on what you need to do in the moment.
  2. Trust yourself to tackle everything moment by moment and try not to obsess about things that are outside of your control. 
  3. Try to think flexibly and ditch some “have tos” and “shoulds."
  4. Don’t forget to take care of yourself physically with proper diet and exercise. 
  5. Learn how and when to say no to requests when you feel like you are committing to more than you can handle. 
  6. Take short breaks throughout the day when you are feeling overwhelmed to rest and re-energize. 

Goal: To Get Enough Sleep

Review the Sleep and healthy thinking Dimensions. Learning to have a positive and calming internal dialogue with yourself is key to becoming Calm. 

Recommended Product: TouchPoints with Wristbands + zippered sweatbands

TouchPoints usage: Use TouchPoints™ on the yellow setting in the mornings to prep your mind for the day ahead. Before you enter a stressful situation, use your TouchPoints™ on “calm” for TouchPoints™ original or yellow for TouchPoints™ basic for 15-30 minutes to keep your stress response at bay. At night, use TouchPoints™ original on the “sleep” setting or TouchPoints™ basic on the blue setting to help you wind down and ease you into restful sleep.

Use Zippered Wristbands for discreet use during the day. 

TouchPoints with Wristbands
TouchPoint Zippered Sweatbands

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