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Results: VEILED

Your personalized stress profile (PSP) reveals that you have a veiled stress personality. You don’t have an overactive stress response like other profiles, but you still deal with your share of daily stress. Your manner of dealing with stress is to suppress it until you can’t anymore- either you explode like a volcano or your body takes the toll via physical ailments. 

  • Remember small things can add up to big positive changes!

Lifestyle Tips:

  1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise

  2. Practice mindful meditation to keep yourself grounded

  3. Identify 2-3 things you are grateful for every day

  4. Try to consistently get enough sleep at night

  5. Take ten minutes each day to unwind without electronics or distractions

Goal: To practice conscious decision making throughout the day.

Review all 6 dimensions with a special focus on Meditation/Mindfulness. A tune up in each of the areas will go a long way to helping you become aware of and address your stress in real-time.

Recommended Product: TouchPoints with Wristbands + zippered sweatbands

Keep TouchPoints™ on hand throughout the day, and use them on the yellow setting for TouchPoints™ basic when your stress levels start to peak. When someone around you needs help regulating their stress, give them TouchPoints to help shift them back into a calm state of mind.

Use Zippered Wristbands for discreet use during the day.

TouchPoints with Wristbands
TouchPoint Zippered Sweatbands

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