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How To Lose Like A Winner

How To Lose Like A Winner

Not everyone can be a winner. At times, you will have to face a loss. Here’s how to lose like a winner, from avoiding personalizing defeat to renewing yourself.  

Avoid personalizing defeat.

There’s no “I” in “team”. You must accept that the team did not meet expectations and that your skills may have been lacking, but you are not a “loser.” You and your team did not win the game but it’s what you do next that defines you as a player.   

Analyze what went wrong.

You first have to distance yourself from what happened and look at the facts. It’s important that you also self-reflect and determine if you did what you could do to be an effective team member. Did give it your all? Perhaps you were lacking in determination or training. That’s on you, yes; but admit it and move forward. It’s noted that self-analysis leads to self-awareness and that it’s required. Actively take your role in self-discovery and write down what can be done better next time. (Yes, write it down.)

Renew yourself.

Okay, you lost! Your next step is what reveals your character. Acknowledging circumstance and responsibility, and admitting the defeat itself lays the foundation for the future. Either choose your next objective or move onto your next effort. Consider your options and study all mistakes that were made. A newfound energy will come and you’ll be ready to take on another battle. Otherwise, it may be time to do something completely different.

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