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Who Wants Positive Feelings?

Who Wants Positive Feelings?

Here’s how to reframe your thoughts for more of those great emotions.

Feelings are a tricky one. They come, they go. Some feel incredible and electrifying. Others feel like pure torture.

No matter who you are, a whole range of emotions are going to appear in your life. But you can influence what you feel, so you get more of the pleasant ones and less of the negatives.

Today, we’re going to show you a simple way you can do that by reframing your thoughts!

What Is Reframing?

When anything happens in life, you understand it through your interpretation. There are hundreds of possible stories you can tell yourself about any event or feeling. Yet most of the time, your mind defaults to the negative ones, without you even having an input.

This is pretty dangerous because your mental stories are the filter that you see life through. If you’re always choosing the bad, things are going to seem bad. It’s why you get stuck in a rut when you go through a bad breakup, lose a job or you’re feeling low.

Luckily for us, we actually have the power to choose our own interpretations once we’re aware of this handy psychological fact. And with that power, we can rewrite our mental narrative for a more positive filter.

Use These Common Reframes

Getting to grips with reframing can take some practice and we don’t want you to go it alone and struggle. So here are some examples of common reframes you can start using today to think about life more positively. 

When you’re comfortable with these, we recommend trying to write your own – it’s actually good fun when you get the hang of it!

  • “Failure is a learning experience” – make your setbacks a chance to grow, improve, and make progress towards your goals.
  • “Look at the bigger picture” – take yourself out of the chaos now and get some perspective. Will this really matter that much 10 years down the road?
  • “Things could be worse” – give gratitude for what you still have and remind yourself that you’re doing better than you could be.
  • “See it from another person’s view” – when you’re stuck in a problem, it’s all you can see. This reframe helps you to notice details from the outside that can help you feel better and make positive changes.

  • What Else Can You Do?

    Reframing is a wonderful tool for influencing your emotions to feel more positive, but sometimes it’s hard to think your way out of a problem or situation.

    Aside from your thoughts, reducing your stress and improving your sleep are two of the fastest ways to boost your general mood.

    With TouchPoints, you’ll be able to get a handle on both of those things with our easy-to-use wearables.

    Just tap them when you need to relax and you’ll feel the calming effects in just 30 seconds – and that’s scientifically proven!


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