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Natural Products for Healthier Living

Natural Products for Healthier Living

Living a long, healthy life is something we all hope to achieve, but it can be confusing trying to navigate which products help you stay healthy in the most natural way. Here are a few suggestions of ways to add chemical-free products with healthful benefits into your daily routine.

Essential Oils

Essential oils have several natural health benefits and can be used in a diffuser or personal inhaler as long as general safety precautions, like checking for allergies, are taken. Most people find that inhaling certain scents changes their mood or brings back peaceful memories. Specific oils can also help with particular ailments. For example, many people find headache relief from inhaling peppermint oil. Others find that rose decreases the severity of menstrual cramps. Lavender is very popular for inducing sleep. The best way to determine if essential oils will help you feel better is to try a few scents or blends like Young Living Essential Oils products and see what works.


Everyone has bacteria in their digestive tract. It helps your body break down food and keeps you healthy. Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that help your body perform essential functions. They can be found naturally in food like yogurt, kimchi, and sauerkraut.

If these foods aren’t on your daily diet, probiotic supplements are available. Broad-spectrum probiotics are a mix of several different types of microorganisms, but if you have a specific problem you want to address, it’s best to research the type of probiotic that helps with that issue. For example, some may help with digestion while others appear to target skin ailments.

Herbs and Spices

You probably add herbs and spices to your cooking without realizing that many contain healing properties and can also be taken mindfully. Like probiotics, cilantro is a digestive aid and can go great on top of any number of dishes. Rosemary is believed to help keep your memory keen and can also add a little pep to your tired afternoons. During the winter months, many herbalists recommend thyme for keeping germs from taking root. Peppermint pops up again along with ginger to help with upset stomachs. Garlic might give you pungent breath, but it can also be helpful in lowering your cholesterol and blood pressure.

Vitamins and minerals

Everyone knows that they need their vitamins and assumes they will get them through food, but vitamin deficiency is a real problem that can often be solved with supplements. If you don’t get enough sun on your skin, you may have a vitamin D deficiency which over time can lead to a host of complications from weakened bones to a higher risk for cancer. A supplement containing vitamin D can prevent these issues from developing. Likewise, taking iron supplements can strengthen your immune system and keep you active. Many people experience tiredness without ever knowing that they are not getting enough of this vital mineral.

Body Products

There are plenty of “natural” products appearing on the shelves, but since there is not a single standard for using this term, there can be some confusion on what makes a product natural. The Natural Products Association in conjunction with the FDA offers a seal for those companies that adhere to their standards of ingredients, sustainability, and safety; however, the companies also must pay between $1500-$3000 per formula for the seal. Some companies that do not carry the seal are very upfront about what goes into their products.

Your best option for finding skin and hair care products that make safe, natural, cruelty-free products are to search a company’s website for transparency of ingredients. Some make their mission statement and product ingredients readily available, as well as cruelty-free certifications and safety and environmental awards.

Another great resource is TouchPoints. They can help you with any anxiety, depression, or most other mental disorders that can trouble one’s health.

Putting only the best, most natural ingredients in and on our bodies in an effort to stay healthy can be a challenge when every product is labeled “good for you.” It’s essential to do research on what can be a natural remedy for your specific ailment or discomfort before turning to a lab-made chemical solution. Often the simplest solution from nature is all you need.

*This blog post was written by Lindsey Patterson. 

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