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TouchPoints™ Help Students Transition Into College

TouchPoints™ Help Students Transition Into College

Starting college is an exciting time for many. For others, the stress of leaving high school and moving on creates sleeplessness, stomachaches, and the want to safely return to high school for a 2nd senior year.

UCLA's Higher Education Research Institute found that over 1/3 of incoming freshman reported "frequently feeling anxious" the year before college. A study by Allianz found that anxiety was one of the top reasons for freshman to drop out of college. Fortunately, many college freshman are using TouchPoints™ to ease the transition and to help them manage their first year.

Dan* graduated with honors in high school and wishes he would have had TouchPoints™ for his first attempt at college. "I moved out of state and got so overwhelmed I just started to avoid my classes. I couldn't sleep, and the stress just built and built. My GPA tanked and I moved back home and started community college. Besides feeling like a failure, I was surprised that the anxiety just sort of lived inside me because I felt it in community college too. I started using TouchPoints™ so I wouldn't feel stressed when studying. During tests I used them and I could remember what I knew and get better scores. I finished the semester really good and now with TouchPoints™ I feel I can handle trying again at an out-of-state college. It's such a relief to know that anytime I even start to feel overwhelmed I have a solution that works."  
Kathy, reached out to share her college-age son's story, as well. "They do help with the stress that accompanies autism and with focus" she explained. "My son just started using them. He is 24. Tonight he was in a panic over a speech he needed to write. Normally, that would be it...he would shut down and go to bed...drop the class. (he is in college). Put the [TouchPoints] on the calm setting for about 15 to 20 minutes and is now working hard on his speech. Panic attack gone." But TouchPoints aren't just effective for short-term usage, she says, "It has also helped him focus for long periods of time on difficult assignments." 
College is a huge investment and we are pleased that so many freshmen are using TouchPoints™ to get off to a productive, happy start.Are you using TouchPoints™ to keep you on track for success? We'd love to hear your stories!

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