Scattered Stress Profile

Your personalized stress profile (PSP) reveals that have a scattered stress personality. Stress can leave you feeling overwhelmed, making it hard to stay focused on the tasks at hand. 

Lifestyle Tips

Try to do one focused thing at a time, even for five minutes

Notice when you are distracted and try to return to the task at hand

Don't put too many things on your list and prioritize what's important

Focus on what's in front of you and celebrate when you finish key tasks

Practice meditation or mindful to help feel more centered

Remember no matter what is happening, you can only do one thing at a time, one moment at a time, no matter what and things will get done.

6 Dimensions of Health

Goal: To stay focused throughout the day

Review the Nutrition and Meditation/Mindfulness sections of the 6 Dimensions  

Recommended Product:

TouchPoints with Wristbands

+ Zippered Sweatbands

TouchPoints usage: Use TouchPoints™ yellow setting to boost focus at work or school, during homework, and to enhance performance (such as during an exam or presentation). Use for a few minutes or during the entire task, depending on your personal preference.

Use Zippered Wristbands for discreet use during the day. 

TouchPoint Zippered Sweatbands

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