Wired Stress Profile

Your personalized stress profile (PSP) reveals that you have a wired stress personality. Excess stress keeps you up at night, leaving you exhausted during the day.

Lifestyle Tips

Turn off electronics one hour before bedtime

Make bedroom a warm and inviting place

Avoid caffeine in the afternoon and evening

Create a relaxing bedtime routine

Use essential oils to put you in a relaxed state

Remember sleep is a natural process that requires relaxation and surrender, not hard work that can create more stress. Good luck getting those Zzzs!   

6 Dimensions of Health

Goal: To Get Enough Sleep

Review the Sleep section of the 6 Dimensions. 

Recommended Product:

TouchPoints for Sleep

+ Stainless Steel Mesh Wristbands

Use TouchPoints™ on the blue setting for 5-10 minutes or if you have the sleep version with timers they will auto run for 30 minutes before bedtime and whenever you wake up in the middle of the night to ease you into restful sleep. When general stress is wearing you down, use TouchPoints™ for 15 minutes during the day for a pick-me-up on your favorite setting. 

Use wristbands for a sleek look during the day. 

TouchPoints for Sleep

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