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Reduce your stress and increase kids' focus, all with the touch of a button

Increase Kids' Focus & Concentration

Let's get real: focus and concentration do not come naturally to a lot of kids. In fact, they are some of the most common obstacles to learning.  This is true when it comes to paying attention in class, since the classroom is often full of things that pull their focus, from chatty classmates to a cluttered desk. But it's doubly true when attending class at home, with the unfamiliar convenience of all of your toys, tablets and games just a room - or arm's length - away. 

TouchPoints for Kids are designed to filter out these distractions. In just a few seconds, the gentle vibrations help channel kids' energy into the task at hand, helping the child to focus on the teacher and concentrate on completing their schoolwork. 

Proven Impact on Kids' Focus

Results of a double-blind placebo controlled study shows that using TouchPoints can reduce hyperactivity and improve focus. Tracking actual movements with a sensor on PEARSON’s Quotient device shows a real-time reduction while kids and teens are engaged in a task of attention and impulsivity while tracking their movements. 

The subject in the following study, a 13 year-old boy with ADHD, experienced improved engagement in an attentional task by over 50% and improved attention by 27% while using TouchPoints, meaning that during a 7-hour school day he could have 3.65 more hours of sustained attention with TouchPoints. His hyperactivity was improved from borderline deficient to the average range of functioning with TouchPoints.

Breakthrough Technology Stops Stress in its Tracks 

You're working full-time. Your kids are starting the new school year. But unlike last year, you're all doing it under the same roof. The current reality has shot stress levels to record highs for most of us juggling our job while trying to navigate the new world of distance learning. Stress and anxiety translate external situations into internal reactions – both physical and mental.  From feeling agitated, overwhelmed or depressed to physical symptoms like headache or upset stomach, stress can have a major impact. And it makes it harder to have the patience to help your child deal with their own struggles with these new challenges. 

Developed over the course of a decade by a team of neuropsychologists, TouchPoints work by altering the body’s stress response with scientifically validated BLAST (Bi-lateral Alternating Stimulation Tactile) technology. BLAST works by shifting the user’s brain from the "fight or flight" sympathetic nervous system to the "calm and logical" parasympathetic nervous system. Within seconds, you have a heightened state of calm and increased focus and performance. TouchPoints are completely safe and non-invasive. 

Impact of TouchPoints on Stress


TouchPoints immediately reduce the debilitating body sensations caused by stress like increased heart rate, headaches, upset stomach, muscle tension, chest pain, dry mouth and insomnia.


TouchPoints shift you from your stress-induced “fight or flight” sympathetic nervous system to your logical, peaceful parasympathetic nervous system, calming you down and helping you to think clearly.


When you use TouchPoints to shift your body's response to stress, the process creates long-lasting new behavior patterns which lessen the affect of the onset of stress over time.

Research-Proven: 74% Reduction in Stress in 30 Seconds

The data showed that within just 30 seconds of using TouchPoints, people experienced a 74% reduce in their stress levels and a 68% reduction in body sensations related to stress. This data combined with our archived data suggest that there is a consistency in offering users significant relief from physiological and psychological stress in about 30 seconds. 

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