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7 Ways to Fit in Exercise for Busy Moms

7 Ways to Fit in Exercise for Busy Moms

It's back to school, which means extra stress and less time to fit in exercise for busy moms. Just because your schedule is more hectic doesn't mean you shouldn't prioritize your health and wellness. Fit exercise into your morning routine to increase your health, reduce stress and increase your over-all happiness. 

1. Schedule It In

Just like your kid's extracurricular's, doctors appointments and work meetings, you have to schedule your exercise in. Sit down at the end of each day to plan in a workout routine. Experts suggest early mornings, to boost endorphins, reduce stress and get it done! 

2. Don't think, Just Do

Don't think about it! Thinking causes extra stress and exercise is meant to boost your good feelings, not worsen them. Put on the clothes and hit the mat girl, you've got this! 


Time is precious. Don't add stress by rushing into a workout clothes that don't make you feel good. Prep your workout station and clothing the night before. Put it in a spot that's easy to access and see first thing in the morning. If anything, seeing your workout outfit out will guilt you into doing your routine.


4. Get Dressed Before Morning Coffee

If you sneak into the kitchen in pajamas, you just may get distracted with dishes and your other to-dos. Don't let the stress block you from getting the time you deserve. Go to the kitchen in workout clothes and get right back to your fitness space. 

5. Make It Accessible

You have enough hurdles to jump in your day. Don't make your workout more stressful than it needs to be. Create a space that is easy to get do and easy to do from home. Some suggestions include yoga, HIIT workouts, and a fast walk around the house. 

6.Aim for 10 minutes

That's it! If you lessen your goal, you're likely to achieve it. And once you do, you'll be motivated to workout again and again and maybe even add on time on the next round.

7. Add In The Kids

If your kids are early risers, add them to the party! Guiding them through your workout routine will also help them stress less and create happier, healthier kids. And in the end, if the kids are happy, mama is happy too. 

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7 Ways to Fit in Morning Exercise for Busy Moms


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