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5 Tips from Moms Who Use TouchPoints™

5 Tips from Moms Who Use TouchPoints™

Did you know the average mom uses TouchPoints™ four times per day? Here are the top tips from moms who love using TouchPoints™ to de-stress.

    Use the calm setting in pockets 30 minutes while you get ready in the morning.

    Anne, a 38-year-old working mom says “I feel more focused and calm as I get myself and the kids ready. I feel like I manage the time better and then everyone has a better morning.” 

    Use the focus setting for your kids when they do their homework.

    Jacqueline, a 29-year-old stay-at-home mom recommends this because “they don’t procrastinate when they are on, work more efficiently, and are less likely to get frustrated when they can’t figure things out immediately. Also if they are anxious before tests, have them wear TouchPoints™ on calm for 5 minutes before the morning of the test. My kids then get less nervous during the test and seem to do better. I have friends whose kids also wear them during tests if they are really anxious and they love it.”

    Make your husband or partner wear them if frustrated.

    Terri, a 43-year-old mom jokes about “TouchPoints™ moments.” “My husband knows when he comes home, he needs to put his TouchPoints™ on anger mode before he talks to any of us. If he starts in, I say “TouchPoints™ moment” and that’s his cue he needs to pause and turn them on. He used to come in frazzled and frustrated and it affected all of us. Now he can put things into perspective and he is much more pleasant to be around. We also started using them on calm setting before we talk about difficult topics and the conversations go much, much better. We bought a second set so he can take them to work and now he needs to use them at home less because he’s usually in a pretty good mood when he comes home.”

    Spot use them when needed.

    Caroline is a 24-year-old mother of twin toddlers who uses TouchPoints™ in any situation where her children are about to tantrum.  “They get that look and you know they are going to lose it. If I turn on TouchPoints™ and put them on their wrists or clip to their pockets, they calm down so fast. I can’t tell you how many tantrums we’ve avoided using TouchPoints™ as our go-to strategy.  Also when they are too angry or overtired and they can't go to sleep, I turn TouchPoints™ on when I lay down with them before bedtime and they fall asleep much easier. I realize when I hold the TouchPoints™ on them, I’m getting the calming benefit, too, so we are all much better. I always have them with me because there are a lot of times during the day when I could use a little calm so I also spot use them whenever I’m stressed. And I make sure I turn them every time before I call my mother-in-law!” 

    Share them with a friend.

    Lindsay is a 41-year-old sales rep and mother whose friend is going through a divorce. “When I meet her for coffee I turn on the TouchPoints™ and she holds them while she tells me what is going on. I pride myself on being a good friend and it’s so great to know that not only can I listen, but I can actually help her de-stress. She often starts off tearfully and then with the TouchPoints™ she is able to breathe deeper and relax a little. Her life is still difficult, but it makes me feel good that I have more to offer her than just lending an ear.”

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