How to Reduce Anxiety and Depression at Home

How to Reduce Anxiety and Depression at Home

Quarantine and Covid has us all in a bit of a funk with high anxiety and in some cases, depression. Reduce your anxiety by taking your self care serious at home with our Six Dimensions of Health. When practiced and prioritized, your mental health is sure to be on the mend. 

 Ways to reduce anxiety and depression at home

1. Get Exercise

It's easy to be sedentary when working from home. Without the office stairs, the trek from the parking lot to your cubicle or walking to and from the lunch room, you're movement has decreased significantly. Instead of getting sucked into the screen and your funk, reduce your anxiety by getting exercise! Go for a walk to get the mail. Stretch your legs by standing while connecting into a conference call. Add in yoga before bed to help relax and calm your mind before hitting the hay. 

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2. Eat a Healthy Diet

Believe it or not, your diet has a large impact on your mental health. Feel and look better by switching out salty, unhealthy options for nutritional alternatives.  Plan your meals and pack them as if you were going into the office to help you stay motivated and take control of your overall nutrition. 

3. Stay Connected 

Even if your home is busting with people, you've likely spent days without talking, let alone seeing some of your best friends. Healthy Relationships are essential in a healthy lifestyle. Connect with people using apps that allow video messaging or send memes to your co-workers throughout the day. Staying connected will do wonders for mental health and reduce your risk for depression on these long days spent indoors. 

4. Explore Your Hobbies

When working from home, you can easily spend your day tapping away at the computer. Get up! Think healthy thoughts by painting a picture, writing words or thoughts in a journal, or putting together a puzzle. Keeping your mind focused on things that you love and make you feel good, will reduce all of that pent up stress you're feeling. 

5. Spend Time in Nature

Nature is proven to reduce anxiety, risk for depression and increase mindfulness. Take a hike at your local trail. Go for a bike ride around your neighborhood and take in a book at the local park. Even a picnic in the outdoors will give your mind a break while breathing in the fresh air. 

6. Use Your TouchPoints for Sleep

A good night's rest is always a good thing and sleep is so important for your health. If you have trouble getting to bed, use essential oils and TouchPoints for Sleep to reduce anxious thoughts and get you to dream land. 


6 Ways to Reduce Anxiety + Depression at Home




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