How to Stop the Feeling of Growing Fear and Anxiety Around Your Money

How to Stop the Feeling of Growing Fear and Anxiety Around Your Money

How to Stop the Feeling of Growing Fear and Anxiety Around Your Money

Having enough money to do whatever you want is a deep desire people have while growing up. This desire is more significant in people that grow up without having the essentials, not being able to travel, or needing to start working young.

Most people think that money brings happiness. In fact, they do but up to a certain level. From there on, no matter how much money you have, your happiness level will remain the same.

However, having money comes with stress, anxiety, and fear. You need to be careful how you spend that money, how much you need to save monthly and the activities and events you invest them in. And even though this might seem easy and nice for some of you, many others are trying to cope with the negative effects of stress on their body. They try to stop the feeling of growing fear and anxiety around their money.

Anxiety and fear are natural reactions, but just like any other thing, experiencing too much of them can make you feel lonely, depressed, and nervous all the time, meaning that you can’t enjoy life at its fullest.

So, what can you do to make yourself feel better and more at ease? How to stop those disturbing and intense feelings of fear and anxiety around your money?

Acknowledge Them

Most people try to repress negative feelings and emotions they feel, but this is wrong. Not allowing you to feel what you are feeling right now will make you internalize those emotions and they will come up to surface later.

One of the most important things to start with is to accept that fear and anxiety are part of everyone’s life. You are anxious about your money, while other people are anxious about speaking in public or going to business meetings with strangers. Not only fear and anxiety but other negative emotions that come with it, such as sadness, shame, or guilt are natural and can make you take a fresher look on your life.

Acknowledge your feelings and emotions and accept them. Try to make use of them and always keep in mind that they are a sign your brain is trying to send you.


Even though meditation might seem mainstream, it really has a positive effect on your mind and body. When there is something that bothers us, we tend to spend a lot of time thinking about it, using the same cognitive patterns and, in the end, reaching more or less the same conclusion.

Meditation can help you clear your mind and get a fresher look at your problems. It helps you relax, take a step back, and enjoy your life. Money is always the problem and constantly thinking about it comes with stress, anxiety, and fear. All these cloud your thinking and you are prone to making bad decisions.

Relax, breathe, and meditate to find your inner peace. Because the best solutions to problems are the ones that you come up with a clear and rational mind.

Identify Your Feelings’ Source

According to mental health consultants, most people have money anxiety because they project their thoughts on the future. And this is exactly what anxiety is: fear and worry that appear when there is a lot of stress or even no stress at all.

Because it all begins in your head. Your thinking patterns make money anxiety appear and this means you need to confront your fears. Repressing your fear or avoiding to identify its source will only lead to more and more fear and anxiety.

Identify your feelings’ source. This might be a painful and challenging task, but it’s the best way to stop your feelings of growing fear and anxiety. Ask yourself what you are trying to do through your actions. Maybe you fear that something bad will happen in the future and you won’t have enough money to face it. Maybe you are anxious about what will happen if you do not change certain things.

Understand Them

After you identify the source of your growing feelings of fear and anxiety, you need to understand them. You need to make sense of them. Intense and frequent feelings of anxiety are often the sign that something is not right, so it’s important to get a fresh perspective. Sometimes you might be so busy doing what you have to do that you forget to enjoy life.

Take a step back, analyze your situation, and understand your feelings. Feelings of fear and anxiety can sometimes be well-founded, so it’s useful to understand if you fear something real or if that anxiety is irrational.

You might have a hard time working with the stress posed by your anxious thoughts regarding money issues. And even though you might put in a lot of effort and time to understand them, you may need a boost. TouchPoint Solutions offer a wide variety of kits and accessories that help you reduce your cortisol level after a stressful event or situation. And this helps you get a clearer and fresher perspective.

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Money anxiety is something common and you should know that a lot of people have it and everyone is experiencing it differently. To stop the growing fear around your money, you should interpret this as a sign that something is not right.

Take a step back, meditate, and get a fresher perspective. Identify the source of your feelings and understand them. These are key steps you need to make to stop your growing fear around money.

*This blog was written by Donna James.

Donna James is a high skilled freelance essay writer and proofreader from Michigan, United States who currently works on various projects focused on the IT&C industry apart from her work at  NSBroker as a technical analysis specialist. She is interested in everyday development and writes blog posts on various topics, such as marketing and technology.

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