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Better You with Nutrition

Better You with Nutrition

Eating better – it’s probably on your New Year’s resolution list every year. It doesn’t help that the change of the year also happens directly after the holiday celebrations – where even the perfect, clean eater allows themselves to healthily indulge. And while the occasional treat is okay, the daily unhealthy snack binge isn’t. But nutrition doesn’t have to be a dreaded task. With these four simple tips, you’re sure to check any of those unhealthy habits to the curb.

1. Meal Plan

The first step to eating more nutritiously starts with the meal plan. And no – we don’t mean the Sunday night cooking session with 7 to-go containers. Meal planning starts with your grocery list. Part of what makes nutritious eating a struggle for many, is their simply unsure of what to buy. Grab a cookbook, a Pinterest board or TIk-Tok to plan out meals for the week that sound both delicious and simple. Nutrition does not have to be complicated if you set the time to research and find out what sounds good to you.

2. Simple Swaps

Simple swaps are perhaps the easiest way to get your nutrition in. Swap your sour cream for Greek yogurt, your chip cravings for apples or carrots, or your nightly ice cream fix with peanut butter and dark chocolate. If you want to go bigger, you can even swap Taco Tuesday for Taco Salad Tuesday. Still has a nice ring to it, ya?

3. Snack Smarter

We touched base a bit on this in the simple swap, but snacking is usually where the bad habits kick in. It doesn’t have to be. Like meal planning, plan your snacks. When you are on a time crunch (pun intended), you’re likely to reach for what’s easy. Make nutrition easy! Nut mixes, fruit and yogurt, cut veggies and dips can all be simple to whip up if you’ve got the ingredient ready at your disposal.

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4. Find Your Nutrition Community

Some of the most successful healthy eaters are those that have found their community. Spend some time scrolling through Facebook bloggers, Instagram foodies or Cook-tok (Tik-Tok’s amateur chef and bakers). There, you are likely to find like minded people who like good and healthy food like you.

Regardless of the way you choose to incorporate more wholesome foods into your diet, you’re bound to see positive change and improvements in your overall health and well-being. Nutrition does not have to be a scary undertaking, with simple changes and outlook, you’re bound to find the best way to a new year, better you.

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