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Clark Howard - CES 2018: TouchPoints are designed to put the wraps on stress

Clark Howard - CES 2018: TouchPoints are designed to put the wraps on stress

CES 2018: TouchPoints are designed to put the wraps on stress

People in all stations of life are stressed out these days for a variety of reasons. The bills could be due, they could be feeling the pressure of finding a job or they may be dealing with sickness or worse. And it’s not just adults; children are also constantly facing problems that tax them mentally and emotionally.

Now a new startup is offering a technology that could help to identify those moments and then alleviate the stress involved to some degree. Money expert Clark Howard and team are in Las Vegas this week at CES, the annual international consumer electronics show. That’s where they met Dr. Amy Serin, a neuropsychologist and co-founder of TouchPoints, an Arizona-based company that makes a wearable neuroscience device designed to help reduce your stress levels.

TouchPoints: A wearable neuroscience device that can cut stress

The product includes devices that can be clipped to your clothing, fastened around your wrists, held in your hand or even positioned close to your body. Once in place, it transfers alternating vibrations to your body, which are intended to counter the chemical processes associated with stress. This process, which can take only minutes, purports to allow you to calm down and resume your day-to-day activities.

“We have data that shows it can do up to a 71% [stress] reduction in as few as 30 seconds,” Serin said. She said she has made it her mission to help curb post-traumatic stress disorder in U.S. soldiers, which the company is committed to.

Clark radio show Executive Producer Kim Drobes tested the technology out, undergoing a brain scan to visually illustrate how stress levels can decrease in real time when wearing the gadget.

Serin said that TouchPoints are a holistic approach to tackling stress. “When you think about what the stress response is interfering with in your everyday life, it’s more than just ‘I feel stressed,’ it’s your sleep, it’s inflammation in your body, it’s focus, it’s performance, it’s anger, it’s even sensory integration such as in an autistic individual,” she said. “So mitigating and reducing a stress response is really a key to having a healthy and happy life.”

Where to get them: TouchPoints are available on the company’s website at

Price: $240 for a set of two devices, along with the app; $160 for a basic kit, which doesn’t require the app

Clark’s takeaway: The fact that this tackles stress in a non-invasive way without pharmaceuticals is a big plus, Clark says. He also appreciates that the  company is dedicated to the wellness of veterans and those who have served the country. “How great that someone was inspired to do something for our brave men and women in our military.”

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