Spring Tune-Up With Colleen Burns - TouchPoints

Spring Tune-Up With Colleen Burns - TouchPoints

TouchPoints on Spring Tune-Up with Colleen Burns

Time for a spring tune-up...for your mental and physical health! Watch Colleen Burns share some amazing ways to take care of yourself and your home in her recent episode of 'Spring Tune-Up' on the Daily Lounge

Spring is a great time to inventory our physical activity, health, and stress level. That may seem like a lot, but you can enhance your health and well-being with some small steps. Literally. Studies have shown walking more may help maintain healthier body weight, boost mood, and decrease the risk of chronic health conditions. For motivation, UnitedHealthcare has launched its 'Step Up For Better Health' Sweepstakes. On behalf of the first 25,000 people to sign the pledge to walk more, UnitedHealthcare will contribute a total of $25,000 to help reduce childhood obesity including contributions to the Boys and Girls Clubs across the country. By signing the pledge, people can become eligible to win one of more than 100 walking-related prizes including Apple Watch or a trip for two to hike the Grand Canyon. Visit UHCWALKINGMAPS.COM to enter and check out 10,000 step walking routes in more than 50 cities.


Did you know 48-million Americans—1 in 5 people-- has untreated hearing loss which is connected to depression, dementia and the risk of falling? The award-winning Phonak Marvel hearing aids automatically adjust to deliver clear, rich sound – even with background noise. Phonak Marvel connects with all your Bluetooth devices so you can stream hands-free phone calls, the TV, and music all day on one 3 hour charge. Visit to find a local provider near you. Click here to learn more.

Ecovac Deebot 711

For a healthier home and more free time Try a robotic vacuum that does double duty The Ecovac Deebot 711 cleans your floors AND keeps allergens in check automatically. Control it with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or use the remote app and you can spend more time with family, walking or meditating. It uses something called Smart Navi Mapping, think GPS, to map your room and avoid missing anything and it has 2 specialized cleaning modes, edge and spot mode, to focus on particularly troublesome messes. The Deebot 711 is an Amazon exclusive. Click here to learn more.


And the Best of CES Winner for Wellness TouchPoints is a wearable device that can reduce your stress level by 70 percent in just 30 seconds. 80-90 percent of diseases are caused by stress, and your body reacts to stress and anxiety in the same way as a physical threat, but the device uses alternating pulses scientifically proven to interrupt the Fight or Flight response. Helping with stress, aggression, sleep, and attention. It’s a hack your entire family can use. Click here to learn more.

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