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TouchPoints Reviews and Success Stories!

TouchPoints Reviews and Success Stories!

Hi! My son with autism says he thinks they help him. He wears them during long drive to school in morning on"calm" and he does "sleep" mode before bed. He told me he sleeps better than ever now. And falls right to sleep. One night I forgot and it was late and told him never mind and he made me get them because he said they help so much


4 year old holding the TouchPoints. :)



Patricia was able to give it a try before school, she showed them to her Occupational Therapist (who is very interested), and then continued to use them throughout the day and into the evening with school work... a time that causes her so much stress. She was more calm and focused then we have seen for a LONG time. Today we had Ethan and Patricia start the morning with them... and then use them when we had to transition them from free time to chores (a sure fire time to throw a fit), but everything went smoothly!!! We have high hopes! We can't wait to explore more and see how to make them work best for our family!!! We pray that others are having similar results!!!




Seeing the Changes Already! Thanks TouchPoints!!


  • I really love touchpoints. I love that they have monthly giveaways to make the product more accessible to the average people, and their customer service was really wonderful: very helpful and fast. I had an issue where my first pair of touch points was defective but once I got my new pair, everything worked very smoothly with no issues. I mainly use it for anxiety and insomnia, and it’s helped me to have a more stable mood and be able to sleep much earlier than I usually would without medications Touchpoints have absolutely no side effects and a very noticeable positive impact. They can also help with muscle tension, stress headaches, and fatigue for me. I wear my touch points in the morning and at night, but also during the day if I need it. I like that the product is durable, and you don’t have to worry about breaking the touch points if you drop it. There’s not much that I can think of that should be improved- only battery life. Since I use it so much, I have to charge it multiple times a day, which is not a major issue since it charges very quickly, and has a convenient double charger. I love this company because of the product quality, customer service, and what the company in general does. I’m very happy with my touchpoints.

    - emil
  • I do not understand how the bracelets work, but they absolutely have helped me. The very first time that I had an issue with anger, I used them. The change I felt was almost immediate. I now bring the bracelets with me wherever I go. I use all of the settings. Thank you so much.

    - Linda Chaisson
  • Hey Santino! We will have a representative contact you right away if this is still an issue! We are sorry to hear about your TouchPoints not turning on yet! We would love to chat and get this matter resolved as soon as possible!

  • I am 18 years old and ADHD. I am going through an online program through my high school to complete my diploma. My grandmother bought the buzzes with watchband and we haven’t been able to set them up. The buzzes aren’t charging – still red. We have called and emailed with no response fro Touch Point. I really want to use them to help focus with schoolwork but my grandma wants to send them back. Can someone please help me?

    - Santino Castano
  • I read that you can apply for a free one. How can I apply for my child who has autism?
    - Dominique Filippi

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