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How TouchPoints Can Help With Parents' Back To School Stress

How TouchPoints Can Help With Parents' Back To School Stress

My mother used to cry on the first day of school every year because my brother and I were getting older. We were only a day older than the day before, but milestone transitions are salient reminders of change and can invoke a lot of powerful emotions.

My kids' school even sponsors a "Boo Hoo Breakfast" every year for emotional parents! Back to school time is a busy, stressful time of added structure, busy afternoons and evenings, and all that goes along with having kids and the transitions that go along with it. The focus is often on the kids, and at The TouchPoint Solution™, we are thrilled that many parents are using TouchPoints to help themselves with the stresses of Back-To-School. Parents report using TouchPoints in the car on the way to school to ease their own separation anxiety.

Michelle*, a mother of two, says "My kids are actually fine going to school. It's ME who has the separation anxiety! Thanks to TouchPoints™, I can stay calm and not cling to them before they walk into school. They appreciate it because I'm not embarrassing them, and I can go about my day instead of being preoccupied with worry about what's going on in the classroom. I used to stress out about all the what if they are upset, what if they don't like their teachers, etc. But I realized they were actually fine and I was just needlessly worrying.  Before TouchPoints™ I couldn't really turn off the worry. But when I have them on, it just sort of goes away. Then when I see them at night I have a lot more energy because I haven't been stressed the whole day." 

Michelle noted that just knowing she has TouchPoints eases her stress. "I know that if my kids do run into a problem or get stressed, I can use TouchPoints™ for them too. It really just gives me peace of mind in general."  

We applaud all the parents transitioning into Back to School who take care of themselves with TouchPoints™! We'd love to hear your stories of how TouchPoints have helped. 

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