TouchPoints for Occupational Therapists

TouchPoints for Occupational Therapists

Enhance Your Occupational Therapy Practice with TouchPoints 

About TouchPoints 

TouchPoints offer a unique solution for occupational therapists seeking to address sensory processing challenges and movement disorders. Their discreet design allows clients to wear them comfortably, supporting them throughout their daily activities. 

How It Works 

TouchPoints utilize gentle vibrations to modulate the body's stress response, aiding clients in managing anxiety, stress, and other emotional challenges. With adjustable settings, TouchPoints provide personalized experiences tailored to individual needs. 

Integration with Occupational Therapy 

Sensory Integration: 

Incorporate TouchPoints into therapy sessions to enhance sensory integration and support clients with sensory processing challenges. 

Customize settings and placement to best meet each client's sensory needs. 

Movement Disorders: 

Utilize TouchPoints BLAST mode to assist clients with movement disorders, improving symptoms and enhancing movement control. 

Discuss and monitor the impact of TouchPoints on movement and coordination during therapy sessions. 

Research and Studies 

TouchPoints have been the focus of numerous studies examining their effectiveness in managing stress and anxiety. Learn more

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